• Charlee

    Kimmie Poo Poo: I wondered if you had a web page too and vaw laaa — you do. Everything you love, pets and flowers. Are Eddie and Ryan having a good time in Florida. I know Eddie misses his girl and was just wondering. The pictures of you and Syd are priceless. I don’t understand the little suits for her and Christian, but looks like they help keep them afloat. Can they play comfortably in them? Syd has a hat for every outfit – she looks like she’s leaving them on now. Laura saw her on the internet yesterday and was tickled. She said she looks more and more like you every day. I said her personality was so much like yours — happy go lucky – but wants to sleep when she’s tired. They do go through a stage of not wanting another bed – looks like she’s doing that in Florida. Hopefully, others can watch her while you get a nap every now and then. Ben had a horrible fright last night – the guy buying his house beat up the gal in the house – He showed Ben his gun and Ben found out he had 2 more in his car. Eventually the police got him but I’m still worried about Ben the guy’s on hard drugs and was drinking. It’s a mess – but his house is sold. Call me when you get home – Love Mom

  • Hey Kimmy,
    This is your brother Tom. I just got out of the hospital yesterday, just wanted you to know,
    I went in to Lutheran Hospital Friday night to have an Abscess Lanced, but what they ended up doing was a whole operation on my rectum. The abscess, an abscess is like a big bump or pimple like, they said was so large they had to open up a wider hole to get it out, so I have these rubber band type things along with a metal thing. I get the rubber bands off Monday though, until then I’m on a clear liquid diet so I don’t have a bowell movement, since there is no way it could come out if I had one I guess. LOL
    I had a bad reaction to the stuff they use to put you to sleep after I woke up, I was dizzy and pale they said, so they kept me over night to keep an eye on me. (friday night) Mom had forgotten to call Susan and tell her all this at that time.
    Then saturday morning, when I first woke up,
    the doctor came in as I was just waking up for the day, At first, the doctor misunderstood me
    and thought I was having trouble going ‘pee’
    so he ordered a Cathetor in my ‘penis’ but I didn’t really need it, because I was just having trouble relaxing that morning to go pee. Its kinda hard to relax when your in pain ya know.
    So Mom and the nurses convinced the doctor to take out the Cathetor just after Dad and Mary left after their visit with me. I am so glad that Cathetor is out now, but boy does it sting going pee now.. I guess its just soar and will go away in a couple of days they said, which I suppose is normal when you have a tube up your ‘penis’ hehe 🙂
    but I’m ok, I am resting, typing on my pocketpc so I lay down, just taking it easy for awhile.
    I’ll know more Monday as to whats going to happen next.
    but now that the Abscess is gone, once I heal I’ll be able to go back to work since the source of my pain is gone. I am glad about that.
    It will probably take me a month to recover, of course, but I am happy that the source of the pain is gone, that is always good news. 🙂