Only 6 More Weeks???

I have decided to keep a diary of sorts on this pregnancy so that I have something to read if I ever get dumb enough to think about doing this again. Here it goes…
So, most people know about how rough my first trimester was with Sydney. Constant vomiting which caused a lot of weight loss which worried the doctor. Finally, I was put on an anti-nausea medication for chemo patients which helped slightly. Knowing this, my neighbor was asking me how I was feeling this time around. Ah let’s see, vomiting now about 3 times a day, unable to find something to eat that actually settles my stomach, any smell of food makes me nauseous, and there is that little toddler running around all day wanting Mommy to play. My neighbors response, “Don’t worry you only have about 6 more weeks of this.” Odd, this doesn’t really make me feel any better. 6 MORE WEEKS, $#!&.
Daddy is helping out a lot though. He takes Syd in the evenings while I rest, gets dinner ready, gives Syd her bath and puts her to bed. He has even took over as gymnastics Mom and takes Syd to her classes. There are even back rubs and late night popsicle runs for me to keep him busy.
The doctor told me to take B6 and Unisom to help the nausea. Hasn’t helped yet and makes me too sleepy to get out of bed. Tomorrow, I am to call back and let them know its not working and will go on the anti-nausea medication I took with Syd. I also stopped taking my vitamins which seems to help out tremendously. They would make my entire body shake until I could get them up and out. I may have a retarded child but at least I can move around a little better. 🙂 Don’t worry Grandma, I am still taking Folic Acid.
Oh, and when I woke up this morning my stomach was definitely sticking out more then yesterday and my pants are tight. Seems a little early at not even 8 weeks along. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy.