First Doctor Visit

I had my first OB visit this Wednesday. It takes about 2 hours to get through everything, but you really don’t find anything new out about the baby. First, we met with the accounting clerk who goes over your financial responsibiites for all your prenatal care through delivery. She started off by saying she requested they call our insurance company twice to verify everything because she couldn’t believe what they told her, oh no. But, then she went on to say this is the cheapest baby they will have delivered in a long time. Our entire cost…$10!! Our insurance covers 100% of all baby charges with no deductible. Syd ended up costing about $1000 so this is way better, sweet! I guess there are lots of great benefits from Cisco buying Latitude earlier this year.
Next, we met with the nurse who had the job of collecting all of my body fluids for various tests. We went into an exam room and I had to lay on the table so she could take my blood. And the waterworks began. Sydney was terrified by the sight of Mommy on the table and started crying uncontrollably as she tried to get me off the table. I think all those memories of her at the Pediatricians getting her shots were coming back to her. She yanked at the tube on my arm and cried some more as we tried anything to calm her down. Then, I told her to take her shoes off and she was calm as she worked on her shoes. I then had to give a urine sample which was really fun since Syd loves to watch you go pee in the water. Try aiming in a cup while also trying to keep Syd out of the toilet. We got through it and I was even cheered on at my going pee pee in the toilet.
Next, we moved on to the Physicians Assistant. Her job was to go over all your medical history and give you the speech on taking care of yourself now that you are pregnant. By this point Syd was getting very annoyed with the doctors office so we moved through this fast since it is baby #2.
We have to go back in next week to go over all the tests they ran with the doctor. They will also do a pap and should be able to hear a heartbeat. If something is off a little they will do a ultrasound to make sure everything is moving along.
Everything else is pretty much the same. I am still very queezy but have a good few hours now and then. I am unable to take the anti-nausea meds this time as they make me insanely dizzy. So, I am just trying to live with it for now. I was able to keep my vitamin down this morning which was a first in about 3 weeks. So that made me feel a little better about the baby getting something good.
Oh, and just a reminder for all you callers out there. I am getting VERY annoyed with all the calls wanting to talk about how sick I feel. You can call as long as its before 3:00, since after that I am not feeling good at all. And then, when you do call you may not speak of pregnancy related items or I may just accidently hang up. That being said, talk to you later.
Lastly, we did get a due date from the doctors of April 19th. Maybe we will be having an Easter baby next year.