We have a heartbeat!

Syd and I went in for our follow-up OB appointment today. Everything with the tests from last week was fine. The doctor gave me my physical exam and after feeling my belly he said, “you are definitely very pregnant here.” Not sure if this was a suddle way of saying, oh boy you are getting fat or just small talk šŸ™‚ We got a definite and very strong heartbeat of 180 bpm right off the bat. So that made me feel my first bit of excitement about things for the first time. Syd did really good and didn’t even cry when Mommy got up on the table in her stir-ups. I think she was wondering why this man was looking at Mommy’s crotch with a big bright light. I think she will have questions for Daddy when he gets back from Califrnia tomorrow. Next visit is in 4 weeks.
Three more weeks and counting until the first trimester and hopefully the nausea are over… I again stopped taking my vitamins and feel a little better. Am able to keep breakfast down only if I don’t take the vitmains. Now we just need to work on keeping dinner down.