We have a heartbeat!

Syd and I went in for our follow-up OB appointment today. Everything with the tests from last week was fine. The doctor gave me my physical exam and after feeling my belly he said, “you are definitely very pregnant here.” Not sure if this was a suddle way of saying, oh boy you are getting fat or just small talk šŸ™‚ We got a definite and very strong heartbeat of 180 bpm right off the bat. So that made me feel my first bit of excitement about things for the first time. Syd did really good and didn’t even cry when Mommy got up on the table in her stir-ups. I think she was wondering why this man was looking at Mommy’s crotch with a big bright light. I think she will have questions for Daddy when he gets back from Califrnia tomorrow. Next visit is in 4 weeks.
Three more weeks and counting until the first trimester and hopefully the nausea are over… I again stopped taking my vitamins and feel a little better. Am able to keep breakfast down only if I don’t take the vitmains. Now we just need to work on keeping dinner down.

  • Carole

    Kim, I enjoyed reading your update this evening. A heartbeat…WOW….how exciting! Can’t wait to hear more about your progress. We are so glad that you have decided to give us these updates it may cutdown on the phonecalls!! Love You!

  • G’ma C

    Kim, you may get this note twice, last one just disappeared on me! Anyway, Dad and I hope you’ll begin to feel better. We’re glad Miss Syd is helping to take care of you. Thanks for the update.

  • G’ma C

    Kim, glad to hear Miss Syd is taking care of you. Hope you’ll feel better.

  • Jamie

    Kim glad everything is going good for you,I like getting the updates on you. Cant wait to see you!

  • Only 1 heartbeat?

  • Stephanee

    Now, as old wives tales goes, 180 would be a little sister for Sydney, but I’m sure you doc would say that baby’s heartbeats change at different stages of developement. For curiosity sake, what was Miss Sydney. So- just one heartbeat. Are they sure?

  • Hey Kim, I’m sorry to read that you’re still so sick. I had a terrible time with the vitamins too, and then they told me to take B6 also but the B6 pill itself smelled funny and sent me into the heaves. Well, sounds like you have a good helper to get you by. Very exciting to hear the heartbeat! Very exciting that the new kid only costs $10! Very exciting that you’re pants are already tight, er, sorry, that sucks!

  • Stephanee

    OK. I’m really excited about our babies being so close in age, but did you have to pass me the nausea? Really you can keep the nausea, I won’t be upset.

  • Jenn (AKA-MAMA)

    Glad things are improving!!!! I know you’ve probably heard a thousand suggestions, but… here’s another one for you šŸ˜‰ I was able to keep down a child’s Flinstone vitamin if i took it while i was already lying down in bed and plugged my nose while I chewed it up and washed it down with a sip of water. Crazy, but it worked!! After around 16 weeks I could take the prenatal at night, but not in the day. Oh the joys!!!! Also- ajaye wants to know if Sydney has a Barney Park book, hardcover. She seems to remember that she had one. Kids’ memories are weird! She also talked about Dakota licking her a lot.

  • Kim

    Yes, Syd does have a Barney park book. Funny thing to remember.

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