Could it be a Little Sister for Syd?

Well, we are now a couple of weeks into the second trimester and I am definitely feeling a lot better. I still have trouble eating in the evenings and get a little queasy at night. But, during the day I feel good most of the time. It’s about freaking time!
I had my OB checkup yesterday and everything is right on track. It was a very quick 20 minute visit where they take your stats, measure the baby, and listen to heart beat. The baby’s size is right where it should be and the heart beat was strong in the 160-170’s.
For all you ladies out there who believe in old wives tales, the heart rate is in line for a little girl. They say girls have higher metabolism thus leading to a faster heart rate. Though, I don’t know how much stock you can put into these things. Anything over 140 bpm is said to be a girl and below is thought to be a boy. I think this news would make little Miss Syd very happy. At the moment, she is afraid of boys because they are too rough. I think it would be nice for Brandon to have a boy. But, the thought of a little boy wildly running around, beating everything up, really scares me. I know you would probably get used to it, but still scares me.
We have our ultrasound scheduled for Nov 29th, Daddy’s birthday, so we will know the sex for sure. Until then its fun to guess.
On another topic, I got our vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico booked this week. We are both really excited and can’t wait to just chill on the beach all day. We are going the entire week of Thanksgiving, just the three of us. I did talk to the doctor on what to not eat in order to avoid the dreaded montezuma’s revenge while in Mexico. He gave me a list of medicines to take just in case I got sick and I am all set on what foods/drinks are okay. He also said I was going in the perfect time of my pregnancy if just in case I did catch something. But, since I have never gotten sick in Mexico before I am not too worried. Would have been nice to go in January again but that would be too late he thought. Syd loves the beach so I know we will have a blast.
Lastly, we found out a couple of weeks ago that my sister Steph is pregnant again as well. She is 6-7 weeks behind me so it will be fun to have the little guys so close together. Syd is absolutely ecstatic with the news. Something about revenge on a Partaker will be sweet, while also muttering Christian’s name. Not sure what this means 🙂 Christian’s older bros often call him petrie dish referring to his conception, its kinda funny right? So it is great that this little guy won’t have to deal with that. Someone out there must have really wanted Christian to have a little bro.
All for now.