Its A ???

Today, the whole family went in for the big 20 week ultrasound. The office had a new ultrasound machine so we got to see all sorts of cool new things that we didn’t have with Sydney. We were even able to record the whole thing on CD-ROM, no more VCR tapes, hooray. First, here is a short clip of the heartbeat.

Next, we moved on to tour all the different body parts. This is where the doctor measures all the vital organs for size and looks for any deformities. All looked good for this kid. This is also where you take a look at the gender. Again, the sex was very easy to see on this kid so we are positive on the outcome. This doctor has only guessed wrong twice in his 20 years of practicing. And those children both had health problems which took his focus away. You will have to take a look at the video to figure this one out for yourself.

Finally, we moved over to the new 3-D Ultrasound machine. We didn’t get this with Sydney so this was really cool to see. You can see the face and body much more clearly. You actually get skin instead of just the bones and internal organs. We are a little scared though because at this point we think this kid is either half alien or cat from the looks of it.
See if you can pick out a few things. In the first part of the video the kid has its hands on either side of the face and is kicking its feet way up into its face nonstop. At about 1:43 it has a big yawn. In the later part of the video it has its legs curled up underneath itself.

Syd enjoyed the first five minutes or so and then fell asleep on Daddy’s lap for the remainder of the ultrasound. I think she thinks we are full of sh** after telling her that was the baby on the screen. She did humor us though saying Be Be and pointing, but looked quite confused at what she was seeing.

Fourth Month

Well, I am into the fourth month now and feeling a million times better then just a couple of weeks ago. I had another quick OB checkup last week. They took blood for the quad screen test which tests for down syndrome, spina bifada, and other neural tube defects. I don’t put too much thought into this test since Syd’s came out with a high chance of down syndrome. She did turn out a little goofy but not too bad. The test is extremely sensitive so if your due date is not exact you can come out with a false positive. Haven’t heard anything yet. The heartrate is still in the high 160’s. The babies size measured about a week bigger then my due date. So maybe this means its gonna be another big kid, oh great.
My belly is starting to stick out more though I don’t think others can totally tell yet unless I am wearing a tight shirt. I am carrying really high again so it kinda just sits on top of my belt line. I have also started feeling the kid move around a bit but it is still very faint. It did flip out big time once after eating Mexican food. It was so hard it made me stop, bend over and grab my stomach in amazement. Felt like someone gave me a quick hard jab. About an hour later I vomited up my entire dinner so it must have been a warning flip telling me it didn’t like that hot sauce.
We are leaving Thursday for Michagan to visit the Burkes and then turn right around a few days later for Mexico. The day after getting home from Mexico is the big ultrasound. Look for photos of the hamburger or turtle then. If we’re lucky we will also have one of those new digital photos of the actual face. Too cool.