My New Computer

Well, I finally got tired of getting all of my husbands’ old hand me down computers. Yesterday, we broke down and bought me my first very own brand new computer. Brandon even admits that it is nicer than any of his, not too shabby for a stay at home Mommy. I decided on an iMac G5 computer. Very cool. It is a 20″ flatscreen with the computer all built into the screen. All that and the screen is still only 2″ wide. Add on a wireless keyboard and mouse and my little desk is quite impressive. I am still learning all the little differences with an Apple, but so far it is working much better then my old pc. I never thought I would buy an Apple but have to admit that I love this thing.

  • I want to come to your house and steal that thing! Nah, but I really do love Macs. Hope you like it and works out just fine šŸ˜‰

  • Bill

    Kim, congratz on your new iMac G5. Check Brandon’s site for a couple of articles about your new computer.
    I changed the Apple Bluetooth wireless mouse with this 2-button w/ scroll wheel model on my iMac G5. Check it out!
    …and welcome to a world free of spyware & viruses – you’re gonna love it!

  • Wow! How cool! I saw that computer on TV and thought it looked and sounded cool, but too bad it’s a Mac. You’ll have to keep me up to date on how you like it going forward. We need a new computer too, maybe you are starting the revolution!

  • none

    That’s great!!

  • j

    Macs Rule!! Glad to see you made the switch…hope it runs perfect for ya.

  • Peet

    Yes, Macs…
    They are surely more comfortable than Pc nowadays, but…
    You see I’ve been a macuser since I got my first one (an Apple II), but contrary Apple was an anarchistic company back then, today the are a company like Dell or Microsoft, too, out there to make as much money as possible…
    My advice would be to use Linux Ubuntu (runs perfectly on PPC/ also REALLY EASY to use and virus free, lets see how long MacOSX might stay that way)
    People are afraid of Linux but its not that hard, and you aren’t enslaved to companys anymore… + a LOT of free software on the net…

  • Anna

    Apple rule
    MacOs 9.1/10.2
    platform mac68k