More Baby News

I have kinda slacked on the baby diary so here is the latest news. I am a couple of weeks into the third trimester now so I finally feel like I am in the final stretch. And speaking of stetch, I am definitely starting to get pretty big. I am finding it nearly impossible to bend over anymore and my gut is feeling pretty tight already. This kid is much more active than Syd ever was and flips around all the time. I am hungry constantly and think I could put a horse to shame with the amount of food I think I need. Though its in lots of small meals since my stomach gets full so fast. I am now up to about three bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. Luckily, I haven’t had the hot flashes I had with Syd or at least I think so. Since I am not at a workplace with the heat cranked its hard to tell. Brandon hasn’t said anything about how cold I keep the house at least. If I sit more than 20 minutes on a hard chair my crotch hurts so bad that I can hardly walk. Worried that something was wrong I asked my doctor about it. He told me that this is common in second plus pregnancies from the tendons being so stretched out in the first pregnancy with a big kid. My doctor visits are now every two weeks and so far the measurements put me exactly in line with my due date. Other than that I have been so busy with other stuff that I really don’t have much time to think about being pregnant too much.
We just started to tell Syd tht she is getting a baby though I don’t think she really knows what that means. We show her how big my tummy is getting and tell her its the baby. Her usual response is to either kiss the baby or tap the baby over and over again nicely. We just ordered her big girl bed so when that comes in March we can get her started on her new room. Its definitely going fast now. I am getting a little freaked at how it will be with a newborn again. But, am also getting really excited to finally see her. I think Syd will love having a baby around most of the time.
I have been getting requests from some perverts in Indiana for belly shots. Here you go ladies! Maybe I will send you one a month for comparison until its here.


Who Is this Lady?

Ok, we are finally back home and trying to get back into the swing of things. Last week, Syd and I had to unexpectantly fly home for Gram’s funeral. Since her death was so unexpected that definitly took a lot out of everyone. But, gotta say passing in your sleep is a great way to go. Syd always makes me think of my Grandma Knox since we lost her during my first pregnancy. So I think this time around we can all think of Grandma Coburn with this little girl. I have to admit that it freaked me out a little to have lost a Grandma with both pregnancies.
Onto another topic….I have been running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything ready for this basement refinishing. I have to pick out absolutely everything that is going in there and feel like I need to get a few quotes to save a buck or two. I don’t know how those people with custom homes do it all themselves. Here is everything we have to get before they start Feb 10th just so you see where I am….carpet, bar cabinets and granite countertop, bar sink, bar fridge, bar faucet, shower, toilet, sink, bathroom light, bathroom floor, towel and toilet paper racks, laminate floor for gym, paint color, and everything for the home theatre including the projector, screen, speakers, gadget case and God knows what else. The carpet, cabinets and countertops are taking forever. Every place you go is at least a two hour stop and then the quotes are all over the place. I hope to lay them all out later this week and just get it done. Oh, and there is that little toddler running around like mad throwing all the little sample sheets on the floor as Mommy chases her around yelling. Did I mention that we are in California all next week?
Anyway, this has brought me around to my real topic for today…I think I am losing it. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Yesterday, I called Lowe’s to make sure I could see a cabinet designer. (I had driven the 30 minutes down there the day before and there was nobody working the department, so I was a little pissed.) As I am getting ready to get out of the car I decided to grab a sip of water and totally missed my mouth and spilled it all down the crotch of my pants. So now I look like I peed myself, lovely. I get Syd out of the car and go inside. The guy in the cabinet department then tells me that it will be at least an hour wait to see him and that I should have made an appointment. Ok, this is why I called you first you idiot. Oops, he said I remember you calling but this lady just walked in and I have to help her. After more of my ranting the lady decided to make her own appointment and I was helped. The kid was real nice but must have been new because he couldn’t figure out how to work the computer fully. I was patient the first 45 minutes, Syd was being good coloring so all was well. Then, for no reason I started to feel dizzy and had to have them get me some water. Syd thought we were leaving so she started running around and was ready to go. The water did the trick but Syd was still running around and we were not done yet. Mad that I wouldn’t leave she starts pointing at me yelling “Sniy”, not sure what that meant but sounded like Nazi German code. Seeing this didn’t work she begins pulling all those formica color samples off the wall and throwing them at me. So I run after her putting the samples back up and trying to get her to play nicely some more while the kid stares and tries to figure out his computer again. She then spots the water cooler and begins to lift the spicket to pour water on the floor while she simultaneously wipes snot all over the cooler. Now throwing the final straw, she walks up to a group of men working, turns around, pulls down her pants including diaper and laughs hysterically as she moons them all. Imagine how this looked. An airhead woman with peed pants unable to control her toddler and pregnant with another one.
Point to this story…I have become one of those Moms who you all look at disapprovingly. Running after her kid who is mooning the staff and obviously not the one in charge of the situation…with another kid on the way. At least I own up to the fact that yes I sometimes have no control over my kid but you’d better learn how to do your damn job so that I don’t have to become one of those Mothers. I take the brunt of the responsibility but I don’t think its too much to ask for others to help out a pregnant Momma every now and again. I think it may be time to start spanking occassionally but just can’t bring myself to do it. Is this good or bad?
Thank God I am done getting those long quotes. But think I may just leave Miss Syd at home with Daddy from now on.

Finally, Dinner Minus all the Explosions

Ok, so many of you have heard about my cooking mishap on Syd’d website. Sunday I finally bought new bakeware. I was out for some of those Le Creust pans they use on all the cooking shows, until I saw the price tag. $180 for one baking dish. Nevermind. I found these at the Great Indoors, 9 pieces for a total of $70 and they match all the Italian pottery I have around the kitchen. Not too bad I thought. I even tested them out tonight with that same recipe as the explosion with no incidents. Now, I just have to figure out how to cook more than three things and we will be set.
I know this is not the most exciting blog entry but its better then the alternative. My days are spent talking about Dora and poopy diapers. Or trying to explain to a 20 month old where Santa, aka Ta-Ta, has gone. Not sure when we are going to get over the crisis of Santa’s disappearance. I have decided to spare you all on these topics for now.


Listen to Your Wife, Dammit!

So, my hubby always has this thing with wanting to take our dogs over to the neighbors houses when he is going to be over there for a couple of minutes. I think this is an absolute idiotic thing to do. So I am always yelling at him to leave them home. Who wants our two uncontrollable dogs running around the house getting into absolutely EVERYTHING they can reach? And don’t even get me started on the fact that everyone has real wood floors and what 8 paws can do to that.
On with the rant. Last night our neigbor called to ask Brandon to come over and help him with a computer problem he was having. I was in the kitchen eating, again, and didn’t see Brandon leave the house. Thirty minutes later Brandon came running into the house asking me frantically for the Nature’s Miracle . Nature’s Miracle is our magical carpet cleaner that can get up anything. Here is a log of the coming dialogue.
K: Why do you need that…. I asked confused.
B: Dakota just took a major dump and pissed all over Jenns’ living room carpet.
K: Why was Dakota over there in the first place Brandon.
B: I took her over and besides, I don’t have to listen to everything you say.
K: Why do you think people want your dogs running around their house?
B: He brings his dog over to our house
K: No, he always leaves his dog outside, I let her in because she just sits at his feet and never moves. Is that how your dogs behave.
B: Well, no they ran around the whole house, even went upstairs for a bit. Then they were making the other dog upset so Jenn had to take her for a walk while we were there. During the walk Dakota must have been marking her territory.
K: So, you take the dogs over and don’t keep an eye on them?
B: Shut up! I will never take them over again. Besides, they should have watched the dogs while I fixed their computer.
K: Smart. Next time just listen to your wife…dumb-ass!