Listen to Your Wife, Dammit!

So, my hubby always has this thing with wanting to take our dogs over to the neighbors houses when he is going to be over there for a couple of minutes. I think this is an absolute idiotic thing to do. So I am always yelling at him to leave them home. Who wants our two uncontrollable dogs running around the house getting into absolutely EVERYTHING they can reach? And don’t even get me started on the fact that everyone has real wood floors and what 8 paws can do to that.
On with the rant. Last night our neigbor called to ask Brandon to come over and help him with a computer problem he was having. I was in the kitchen eating, again, and didn’t see Brandon leave the house. Thirty minutes later Brandon came running into the house asking me frantically for the Nature’s Miracle . Nature’s Miracle is our magical carpet cleaner that can get up anything. Here is a log of the coming dialogue.
K: Why do you need that…. I asked confused.
B: Dakota just took a major dump and pissed all over Jenns’ living room carpet.
K: Why was Dakota over there in the first place Brandon.
B: I took her over and besides, I don’t have to listen to everything you say.
K: Why do you think people want your dogs running around their house?
B: He brings his dog over to our house
K: No, he always leaves his dog outside, I let her in because she just sits at his feet and never moves. Is that how your dogs behave.
B: Well, no they ran around the whole house, even went upstairs for a bit. Then they were making the other dog upset so Jenn had to take her for a walk while we were there. During the walk Dakota must have been marking her territory.
K: So, you take the dogs over and don’t keep an eye on them?
B: Shut up! I will never take them over again. Besides, they should have watched the dogs while I fixed their computer.
K: Smart. Next time just listen to your wife…dumb-ass!

  • Women, you need to work on your persuasion skills! You can’t just go telling your man not to do something. We have little voice in our head that says, “The hell if I can’t! Don’t tell me my business, Devil Woman.” And then we do it. Usually it is ok, but sometimes shitty things happen.
    Now, why did I setup a blog for my wife?

  • How cute, a blog arguement between spouses. Don’t you remember how it is to have a pregnant woman in the house Brandon? It’s just better for everyone if you do whatever she says for the next year or so. 🙂

  • Erin

    Excellent advice!!!
    Thanks for a GREAT laugh!

  • Kim’s Mom, Charlee

    Love the dog story – that one will go down in history for both you and the neighbor. Tried to comment on picture above, but couldn’t get in — I LOVE THE BAKEWARE!!!!! All your meals will look GREAT!! Just like your Moms, HA HA!
    Warning to Brandon: As the pregnancy advances, Kim may be more and more right. During labor, you”ll definitely BE WRONG! Then, after about a month — things will return to semi-normal — with three beautiful ladies in the house. Love Mom —

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