Finally, Dinner Minus all the Explosions

Ok, so many of you have heard about my cooking mishap on Syd’d website. Sunday I finally bought new bakeware. I was out for some of those Le Creust pans they use on all the cooking shows, until I saw the price tag. $180 for one baking dish. Nevermind. I found these at the Great Indoors, 9 pieces for a total of $70 and they match all the Italian pottery I have around the kitchen. Not too bad I thought. I even tested them out tonight with that same recipe as the explosion with no incidents. Now, I just have to figure out how to cook more than three things and we will be set.
I know this is not the most exciting blog entry but its better then the alternative. My days are spent talking about Dora and poopy diapers. Or trying to explain to a 20 month old where Santa, aka Ta-Ta, has gone. Not sure when we are going to get over the crisis of Santa’s disappearance. I have decided to spare you all on these topics for now.