More Baby News

I have kinda slacked on the baby diary so here is the latest news. I am a couple of weeks into the third trimester now so I finally feel like I am in the final stretch. And speaking of stetch, I am definitely starting to get pretty big. I am finding it nearly impossible to bend over anymore and my gut is feeling pretty tight already. This kid is much more active than Syd ever was and flips around all the time. I am hungry constantly and think I could put a horse to shame with the amount of food I think I need. Though its in lots of small meals since my stomach gets full so fast. I am now up to about three bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. Luckily, I haven’t had the hot flashes I had with Syd or at least I think so. Since I am not at a workplace with the heat cranked its hard to tell. Brandon hasn’t said anything about how cold I keep the house at least. If I sit more than 20 minutes on a hard chair my crotch hurts so bad that I can hardly walk. Worried that something was wrong I asked my doctor about it. He told me that this is common in second plus pregnancies from the tendons being so stretched out in the first pregnancy with a big kid. My doctor visits are now every two weeks and so far the measurements put me exactly in line with my due date. Other than that I have been so busy with other stuff that I really don’t have much time to think about being pregnant too much.
We just started to tell Syd tht she is getting a baby though I don’t think she really knows what that means. We show her how big my tummy is getting and tell her its the baby. Her usual response is to either kiss the baby or tap the baby over and over again nicely. We just ordered her big girl bed so when that comes in March we can get her started on her new room. Its definitely going fast now. I am getting a little freaked at how it will be with a newborn again. But, am also getting really excited to finally see her. I think Syd will love having a baby around most of the time.
I have been getting requests from some perverts in Indiana for belly shots. Here you go ladies! Maybe I will send you one a month for comparison until its here.