I am getting more and more clumsy as my belly expands and the events are getting more and more embarassing. Last week I was going through Home Depot and once again Miss Syd decided she wanted to run away from me. We were in the lumber section and guys were everywhere with their big carts, not really expecting a little kid running around. So, I chased after her again, trying to be careful not to lose my footing. I was able to catch up to her this time but as soon as I went to pick her up, over I went, flat on the floor. My darn ankle just gave up on me and once she blows there is no stopping the large and awkward belly from following. Again, everyone just stared and no one offered to help. I think this is fall number four with this kid. I fell three times with Syd so not too bad for also chasing a toddler. Though, don’t think I know too many other preggies who fall alot. I must just be naturally clumsy.
Friday, I topped my most embarassing moment yet. Syd and I went to Schlotsky’s for lunch while running errands. The place was packed so I found a table and went to get our drinks. Syd was in her seat and I put the drinks on the table and tried to squeeze into the very tight chair. Just as I was about squeezed in, I felt a tapping on my shoulder. I had to struggle to turn around since the table was so tight so I leaned on the table with one hand and began turning. Unbeknownst to me, the table had one really short leg and as soon as I put my hand on the table the whole thing starting tipping over. Resulting in my very full soda pouring all over the place. Literally, went all down Syd’s chair and all over the floor. OK, now I am really embarassed. Can’t blame this on the kid. Syd immedialtely starting screaming, “Oh no, Momma..I wet”, over and over again. The woman who had tapped my shoulder felt really bad and immediately knelt down and started cleaning up the floor. A man from a few tables down also came right away to help her out. I ran to ask for a mop. When I got back to the table neither of the two people helping would allow me to get down and help, said they could handle it and didn’t want me kneeling on the floor. First truely nice people I have met in a long time. Turns out the woman was there with two kids of her own, only 11 months apart, and just wanted to talk. We talked the whole lunch and it was actually nice to have an adult conversation while you ate.
Still, I have come to handle the tripping in public but don’t think I am ready for these moments where I just make a complete ass of myself. I am getting increasingly airheaded as well, especially when hungry, so I have been doing really dumb things. Please make the next 7 weeks go fast!

Google This

Syd has really been wanting to play with other little kids lately so I have been taking her to the indoor play areas a lot more lately. But, the kids there must also be the only kids of stay at home Mom’s because they never know how to play with her. So she gets hurt feelings when they won’t play and comes whining back to me. So, I have been looking for a prechool, just one day a week for half a day. This would get her around other kids, without clinging to me, and maybe even get a chance to learn something from the teachers. I have heard of something in our area called Mom’s Day Out, half a day on Friday’s just what I wanted. I thought it was run by the group called Mothers of Preschoolers, known as Mops. So, I go to google like I always do and google the word mops. This is the picture that you get on the top of the search page. Hmmm, what does this random butthole have to do with preschoolers???


I can top that one still. My nephew, Christian, has broke out with the Scabies. We were told to watch out for them on Syd since she was around Christian during the gestation period. To fill you in, scabies are skin mites that nest under your skin causing a red bumpy rash. So, yesterday Brandon had said red bumps all over his right hand. He was freaking out that it was scabies so went to google, searched for scabies, and then I heard the screams. You get tons of picture of limp penis’ covered in huge red bumps. Needless, to say it was disguisting, but you couldn’t help but stare at the penis.
I will spare you those penis pictures but feel free to search for them yourself if you want a good body shiver. Makes you think you are itching all over.


Everything is starting to hurt these last couple of weeks. My ankles have been killing me with any amount of walking, making it really hard to keep up with Syd. I can feel something crack inside the ankle joint with every step. I have figured out that if I lift my leg up really high and kinda march when the pain starts it works out the kinks. Can you imagine how retarded this looks? I try to play it off like I am playing with Syd, but I still get the curious looks. My Dad has the worse ankles in the world so this is a little inside view of his world, sucks! Maybe I can get Syd to walk on my ankles like we did for Dad as kids.
Just in the last couple of days the pain is starting to move to my knees as well. Can’t work this one out as easily. Even better, I am getting those awful leg cramps in the middle of the night if I move too fast. I had these horrible with Syd so at least these are starting later in the pregnancy this time. But, I absolultey hate them. They start really slow and then increase in intensity until your whole leg is tightened up. Only way to get rid of them is to walk around, half asleep of course. I must be releasing that hormone that loosens up your joints for labor. Not sure why your body thinks your ankles need loosened to squeeze a kid out of your vagina 😉
I think its definitely time to start doing some laps at the pool. Used to make me feel so much better with Syd and the water makes me think I am not quite as fat as I really am. Only problem is that the gym’s daycare won’t take kids until they are two, hmmm, what to do?


When we first decided on a builder to finish our basement he told us all the things we would need to pick out and have ordered by what dates in order to not slow down construction. Since we would really like to have this done as close to baby time as possible we got right on our list and had plenty of time to get everything done in time. As I have ranted before, the cabinets which were my job were a royal pain in the butt. Two hours at each of the 4 quotes I got and the quotes were everywhere. Trying one more time, I found a store that sells the same cabinets we have in the kitchen and asked him to quote me as well. I thought these would be way out of the ballpark when compared to Home Depot cabinets so I didn’t hold my breath. Brandon really wanted these cabinets so I waited patiently for my quote until I preceeded on my choice. Two weeks later, still no quote. We were in California at the time so I didn’t call to follow up on him since I figured it was home on the fax. We get home, no fax, so I call. “Oh, your name sounds familiar”, he said, “let me look into it.” Next call, “I found your folder, but completely forgot about you, if I have lost your business I understand.” Huh, is this what you tell customers. Very annoyed at this point but wanting the quote I ask him to send me a quote by the next day. I get the quote, its a blank piece of paper with a dollar amount, no details on what I am getting. So I call and ask for the details. He said, “Its exactly what you asked for” and acted like I was being difficult. The quote was half the price of the others so you see my desire for details. Ok, so I tell him I would like to move on these so asked for an invoice to be faxed over. One week later, I get an invoice and guess what, the cabinets are not what was on my drawing and he is missing entire cabinets all together. So I call him and give him the changes and ask for a detailed drawing this time. Another few days pass and I get the drawing, still not right. I am now wondering if this is really hard work or if I am being difficult to work with, don’t think so, everyone else tells me I am pretty easy going. After all, its just an 8 foot bar, 7 cabinets, not a big project. Oh, in the meantime, I find out we get these at cost at this store with my builder, lowering the price even more. Gotta try to be nice and get this done.
Next I went to the cabinet website to see the options I had just in case it really was that difficult to put together. The website had software to allow you to layout all cabinets from those available and even print out a bill of materials for you at the end. It was really easy to put together, took maybe 20 minutes. Cool, I faxed him the Bill of Materials, with all SKU numbers listed and asked him to quote these exact cabinets. One week later, I get the finally detailed quote with cabinet numbers listed and a drawing. Wow, I was happy. Wait, what the $%^^&!! The SKU numbers are not at all what I faxed over on half the cabinets. Ok, I need to get this moving, the kid is an absolute idiot, I now have a huge headache and just cannot take it anymore. He changed the cabinet widths, why??? the actual drawing he sent me for this new configuration had a 16 inch gap in the middle of the base cabinets. What am I supposed to do with a 16 inch gap, is this normal, could he not have noticed this huge gap, Idiot?!
Done with you. I faxed the Bill of Materials over to another dealer, which was hard to find, and within 24 hours I had a quote, detailed and all correct. The price was within range of what the Idiot gave me, but for all correct items, so I can see Idiot wasn’t giving me my discount either. I had asked Idiot if he was giving me my discount about 30 times. Idiot is not only an Idiot but a liar. The next day I faxed the Idiot one more time, now sounding more annoyed. I waited until the end of the week for a response. I felt bad since I had put a month in with Idiot and could possibly save a lot of money here. No response from Idiot at all. So, I ordered from the capable dealer, probably spent at least $500 more, but am confident I will get what I actually ordered. Idiot probably would have sent me bathroom cabinets.
I just do not understand how people like this actually keep their jobs. Why would a manager allow Idiot to blow off customers like this and be absolutely incapable in his job? At least my headache is going away and I think the cabinets will be here in time. Still just annoys the crap out of me that I wasted so much of my life with Idiot. I think every now and again I need to turn a little Herbie on inside of me to get things done with people like this. Idiot would not have stood a chance.

My House has Gone to the Cats & Dogs

Well, we are well into the basement refinishing now. We had to clear out all areas to be finished which means that stuff had to go somewhere else for a couple months. We filled up the guest room, so can take in no guests, where next, my living/dining room. Next problem, where to put the cat food and litter box during construction. Answer, my dining room table for food and laundry room for litter. So now Dakota goes absoultely insane trying to get on the table…FOOD is seen. She first figured out she can slowly pull the blanket holding the food until it falls off the table then get the food as fast as she can before we beat her butt. So we took off the blanket hoping to solve the problem. Next, she figured out she could get on the chairs lined up next to the table, jump over the round table, and land on the table, then again eat food before butt is beat. You can see the line of chairs and round table in the picture. Not sure how a fat beagle can jump over this round table and clear dining chairs to land on my table, not a stratch to be seen either. She must be more graceful than we think. So we loaded up the chairs with crap to prevent her from getting onto her launching pad. Seemed to do the trick but we would find her whining next to the table at ALL hours of the day. Is it right of us to taunt her this way? I think its good for her. Oh, she is not done yet. Get toddler to climb up on table, whine, and toddler will throw you food. Damn, how do we stop this one? Next, get maids to move food bowls over to end of table when they clean then when Mom and Dad leave the house knock down bowls and scarf every morsel. Needless to say I need to go to Petsmart for a cat food refill, going through this stuff at an amazing rate with the tactics of an evil genius beagle.
Oh, and Wyatt would probably be guilty as well but he is too afraid of the basement noises to venture out of our bedroom. You can visibly see his entire body shake in fear. That’s my big masculine gaurd dog for ya.



I have noticed in the last week that those pregnancy hormones are definitely starting to play games with me. I am beginning to get increasingly over emotional about certain things and have to keep reminding myself that it really isn’t that bad…must be the hormones. Most of my little freak outs lately have had to do with Syd or the upcoming baby. The latest one started with Sydney. She has stopped calling me Momma all of a sudden and has changed my name to Mom. Doesn’t seem like that big of deal, right? Well, I hate it. Momma is so cute and babyish and when I hear Mom it gets me depressed that she is growing up too fast. Then this gets me depressed that Syd won’t be my little baby anymore when the next baby comes. Then I get sad that I won’t have as much one on one time with Syd when the baby comes, making Syd and I not as close as we are now. And then it all escalates to her being a teenager tomorrow and being embarrassed to be seen with me. All making me wonder if I should have had another kid and just keep Syd as my little baby forever. I then worry about not loving this kid as much as I do Syd thus causing this kid to resent me. At this point in the thought process I usually start to feel horrible that I questioned having the next kid and I feel like a horrible Mom. OK, time to remind myself that this is all hormones. Brandon thinks I am retarded worrying about such things, but it just creeps into my head. I can’t make it stop.
On the other side of the hormone story, I think I am entering into that nesting phase. I have a constant desire to reorganize the shelves or do some major cleaning project. Most of the time about half way in I realize that I am tired and can’t do it all right now but then it just drives me crazy that it is still unorganized. Then I get depressed that I was worrying about organinzing the shelf instead of just playing with Syd and the whole “You are a horrible Mother” thought starts over again. I think I need a day at the spa.
On another topic, I am now entering the eighth month of te pregnancy so have been trying to plan a few baby things out. My big worry now is what to do with Syd when I head to the hospital to have the baby. Our neighbor has volunteered to take her anytime of the day but not sure if that is what I want. Our luck she would be out of town for the weekend and Syd would have to go to the hospital with us. Which I am sure the picture of me in pain would really freak her out. So, I asked my doctor what she thought about trying to get my Mom here in time to watch Syd while we head to the hospital. How do you plan these things? She said they would have no problem inducing me one week early so that we could have Mom come out on a certain date. Sounds good I thought. The down side…if my body doesn’t take to the induction it could result in a C-Section. Definitely not what I would want. Though she thought that since Syd was born just a couple of days after her due date, and I had no problems with starting labor, there was very little chance that the induction would not work for me if close to the due date. Not sure what the best answer here is. I would really like my Mom to be here so there are no worries with Syd, but afraid of the C-Section. Any thoughts from people who have had inductions?
Ok, enough baby talk. It is making me freak out again 🙂


We just got home from our visit to the ole homestead San Jose once again. I think that is the last flight I will be able to take for quite awhile so I am stuck at home for a good 6 months. Too sad. At least next time Syd wll have her own seat on the plane which will be a lifesaver.
I love going back to visit Silicon Valley and my mouth had been watering for a month in anticipation of the upcoming scarfing that was about to occur. We ate at Fiesta Del Mar, our favorite Mexican place in the world, twice. We made it to Max’s for the desert, Hobbees for coffee cake, Burrito Real for what else but really good Burritos, and my favorite Mongolian joint which is a true dive but great. Why can’t we get real ethnic food anywhere else but California? From this entry its no wonder we each gained about 30 pounds while living there. The weather was also awesome as always and there is always so much to do.
Another thing I miss from California is all the expressways. I had fun zipping around town at 70 miles an hour in heavy traffic and getting anywhere fast. I can’t stand how you have to drive through so many city streets and traffic lights here in Colorado. But, why does California make you stop at every traffic light when you are off the expressway? Drove me insane. Must be to keep you on the expressways.
Only bummer for the whole trip was that we forgot to pack the stroller. This meant that I had to carry Syd while also lugging a diaper bag all around town. Normally, she wants to walk all by herself but I think she was so tired from all the running around that she wanted Mommy to carry her. When indoors I tried all the tricks but none would work. I would just walk away waving bye hoping she would follow. She would respond by lying down on the floor in the middle of the walkway yelling no Mommy, not budging. I would try the “Let’s Race” and slowly run down the aisle and she normally chases me. Same lying down response as before. I even resorted to the “Wow, there’s Elmo let’s go get him”, she didn’t fall for it. So I carried her and the diaper bag around and sat down a lot for rests. Amazing how hard it is getting for me to carry her now that I am getting further along, just kills me.