We just got home from our visit to the ole homestead San Jose once again. I think that is the last flight I will be able to take for quite awhile so I am stuck at home for a good 6 months. Too sad. At least next time Syd wll have her own seat on the plane which will be a lifesaver.
I love going back to visit Silicon Valley and my mouth had been watering for a month in anticipation of the upcoming scarfing that was about to occur. We ate at Fiesta Del Mar, our favorite Mexican place in the world, twice. We made it to Max’s for the desert, Hobbees for coffee cake, Burrito Real for what else but really good Burritos, and my favorite Mongolian joint which is a true dive but great. Why can’t we get real ethnic food anywhere else but California? From this entry its no wonder we each gained about 30 pounds while living there. The weather was also awesome as always and there is always so much to do.
Another thing I miss from California is all the expressways. I had fun zipping around town at 70 miles an hour in heavy traffic and getting anywhere fast. I can’t stand how you have to drive through so many city streets and traffic lights here in Colorado. But, why does California make you stop at every traffic light when you are off the expressway? Drove me insane. Must be to keep you on the expressways.
Only bummer for the whole trip was that we forgot to pack the stroller. This meant that I had to carry Syd while also lugging a diaper bag all around town. Normally, she wants to walk all by herself but I think she was so tired from all the running around that she wanted Mommy to carry her. When indoors I tried all the tricks but none would work. I would just walk away waving bye hoping she would follow. She would respond by lying down on the floor in the middle of the walkway yelling no Mommy, not budging. I would try the “Let’s Race” and slowly run down the aisle and she normally chases me. Same lying down response as before. I even resorted to the “Wow, there’s Elmo let’s go get him”, she didn’t fall for it. So I carried her and the diaper bag around and sat down a lot for rests. Amazing how hard it is getting for me to carry her now that I am getting further along, just kills me.