My House has Gone to the Cats & Dogs

Well, we are well into the basement refinishing now. We had to clear out all areas to be finished which means that stuff had to go somewhere else for a couple months. We filled up the guest room, so can take in no guests, where next, my living/dining room. Next problem, where to put the cat food and litter box during construction. Answer, my dining room table for food and laundry room for litter. So now Dakota goes absoultely insane trying to get on the table…FOOD is seen. She first figured out she can slowly pull the blanket holding the food until it falls off the table then get the food as fast as she can before we beat her butt. So we took off the blanket hoping to solve the problem. Next, she figured out she could get on the chairs lined up next to the table, jump over the round table, and land on the table, then again eat food before butt is beat. You can see the line of chairs and round table in the picture. Not sure how a fat beagle can jump over this round table and clear dining chairs to land on my table, not a stratch to be seen either. She must be more graceful than we think. So we loaded up the chairs with crap to prevent her from getting onto her launching pad. Seemed to do the trick but we would find her whining next to the table at ALL hours of the day. Is it right of us to taunt her this way? I think its good for her. Oh, she is not done yet. Get toddler to climb up on table, whine, and toddler will throw you food. Damn, how do we stop this one? Next, get maids to move food bowls over to end of table when they clean then when Mom and Dad leave the house knock down bowls and scarf every morsel. Needless to say I need to go to Petsmart for a cat food refill, going through this stuff at an amazing rate with the tactics of an evil genius beagle.
Oh, and Wyatt would probably be guilty as well but he is too afraid of the basement noises to venture out of our bedroom. You can visibly see his entire body shake in fear. That’s my big masculine gaurd dog for ya.