Everything is starting to hurt these last couple of weeks. My ankles have been killing me with any amount of walking, making it really hard to keep up with Syd. I can feel something crack inside the ankle joint with every step. I have figured out that if I lift my leg up really high and kinda march when the pain starts it works out the kinks. Can you imagine how retarded this looks? I try to play it off like I am playing with Syd, but I still get the curious looks. My Dad has the worse ankles in the world so this is a little inside view of his world, sucks! Maybe I can get Syd to walk on my ankles like we did for Dad as kids.
Just in the last couple of days the pain is starting to move to my knees as well. Can’t work this one out as easily. Even better, I am getting those awful leg cramps in the middle of the night if I move too fast. I had these horrible with Syd so at least these are starting later in the pregnancy this time. But, I absolultey hate them. They start really slow and then increase in intensity until your whole leg is tightened up. Only way to get rid of them is to walk around, half asleep of course. I must be releasing that hormone that loosens up your joints for labor. Not sure why your body thinks your ankles need loosened to squeeze a kid out of your vagina 😉
I think its definitely time to start doing some laps at the pool. Used to make me feel so much better with Syd and the water makes me think I am not quite as fat as I really am. Only problem is that the gym’s daycare won’t take kids until they are two, hmmm, what to do?