Google This

Syd has really been wanting to play with other little kids lately so I have been taking her to the indoor play areas a lot more lately. But, the kids there must also be the only kids of stay at home Mom’s because they never know how to play with her. So she gets hurt feelings when they won’t play and comes whining back to me. So, I have been looking for a prechool, just one day a week for half a day. This would get her around other kids, without clinging to me, and maybe even get a chance to learn something from the teachers. I have heard of something in our area called Mom’s Day Out, half a day on Friday’s just what I wanted. I thought it was run by the group called Mothers of Preschoolers, known as Mops. So, I go to google like I always do and google the word mops. This is the picture that you get on the top of the search page. Hmmm, what does this random butthole have to do with preschoolers???


I can top that one still. My nephew, Christian, has broke out with the Scabies. We were told to watch out for them on Syd since she was around Christian during the gestation period. To fill you in, scabies are skin mites that nest under your skin causing a red bumpy rash. So, yesterday Brandon had said red bumps all over his right hand. He was freaking out that it was scabies so went to google, searched for scabies, and then I heard the screams. You get tons of picture of limp penis’ covered in huge red bumps. Needless, to say it was disguisting, but you couldn’t help but stare at the penis.
I will spare you those penis pictures but feel free to search for them yourself if you want a good body shiver. Makes you think you are itching all over.

  • hmmm, yahoo! search brings back no buttholes and only a couple penis pictures. maybe you two losers should stop using inferior technology to search the web.
    did i mention yahoo! now has its own toolbar for firefox? now all you mac lovers can use it, too!
    google, schmoogle.

  • brian

    this may be offensive, but i had this rash and could not afford to keep seeing doctors. ichecked out the pictures of the genetals and the pictures were almost identintical to my symptoms. itwas a great help in diagnosing this miserable affliction. yes i agree that thereshouldbe away to protect childrenfrom seeing these images, but they werrevery helpful to me as an adult. maybe you could monitor your child’s activity more on the computer or just TURN IT OFF. thank you