I am getting more and more clumsy as my belly expands and the events are getting more and more embarassing. Last week I was going through Home Depot and once again Miss Syd decided she wanted to run away from me. We were in the lumber section and guys were everywhere with their big carts, not really expecting a little kid running around. So, I chased after her again, trying to be careful not to lose my footing. I was able to catch up to her this time but as soon as I went to pick her up, over I went, flat on the floor. My darn ankle just gave up on me and once she blows there is no stopping the large and awkward belly from following. Again, everyone just stared and no one offered to help. I think this is fall number four with this kid. I fell three times with Syd so not too bad for also chasing a toddler. Though, don’t think I know too many other preggies who fall alot. I must just be naturally clumsy.
Friday, I topped my most embarassing moment yet. Syd and I went to Schlotsky’s for lunch while running errands. The place was packed so I found a table and went to get our drinks. Syd was in her seat and I put the drinks on the table and tried to squeeze into the very tight chair. Just as I was about squeezed in, I felt a tapping on my shoulder. I had to struggle to turn around since the table was so tight so I leaned on the table with one hand and began turning. Unbeknownst to me, the table had one really short leg and as soon as I put my hand on the table the whole thing starting tipping over. Resulting in my very full soda pouring all over the place. Literally, went all down Syd’s chair and all over the floor. OK, now I am really embarassed. Can’t blame this on the kid. Syd immedialtely starting screaming, “Oh no, Momma..I wet”, over and over again. The woman who had tapped my shoulder felt really bad and immediately knelt down and started cleaning up the floor. A man from a few tables down also came right away to help her out. I ran to ask for a mop. When I got back to the table neither of the two people helping would allow me to get down and help, said they could handle it and didn’t want me kneeling on the floor. First truely nice people I have met in a long time. Turns out the woman was there with two kids of her own, only 11 months apart, and just wanted to talk. We talked the whole lunch and it was actually nice to have an adult conversation while you ate.
Still, I have come to handle the tripping in public but don’t think I am ready for these moments where I just make a complete ass of myself. I am getting increasingly airheaded as well, especially when hungry, so I have been doing really dumb things. Please make the next 7 weeks go fast!