I have been waiting for this week’s little catastrophe, seems to be the trend the last few weeks. Unfortunately, we got it on Monday. The guy from the heating company came to finish his part of the basement. These guys just go in and out of our basement windows so that they are not carrying all their stuff through the house. Then when they are done they just leave, never tell you they are done. Seemed a little weird to me but now we are used to it. Well, this guy came on Monday, worked a few hours, and left. Brandon went down a little later to check up on things and found that the guy had just gone and never bothered to close our windows after him. Just left them wide open with no screens or nothing. Why anyone would leave someone’s house this way just completely erks me. Nothing but complete laziness and inconsideration.
So we start doing a head count and are missing one cat, Cosmo. Cosmo is absolutely terrified to be outside more then five minutes and very skiddish so we thought he was just hidding somewhere sleeping. So we tear the house apart, walk up and down the open space behind the house, drive the neighborhood, and no sign of Cosmo. We have posted signs and left a report with the Humane Society but have to admit that after four days with no sign of the little guy it doesn’t seem too likely he will find his way back.
As you may have expected I am definitely not handling this well at all. I know a couple of you have called here over the last couple of days and have not gotten a call back. Definitely not in the mood to chat right now, maybe next week.

Baby Prep in Full Action

OK, I officially have less then three weeks to go until the big due date. I have to say we have not done a thing to get ready for this kid except buy one pack of diapers which won’t last a week. Well that has all changed as of today. I started having some of the prelabor symptons throughout the day so it really kicked my ass into freaking out about not being prepared. I had a few Braxton Hicks contractions last week, no big deal, was expecting those anytime. Yesterday I had my OB checkup and they said the baby is in go position. The doctor was unable to tell where the head was so she decided to do a cervical exam just to make sure. She found that the head is so far down in the pelvis that you can’t feel it from the outside anymore. I was only 1 cm and 80% so nothing to brag about there.
I know this is disquisting but all day today I have been having bright red bloody show. The books all say this means that labor typically starts within the next 24 hours to one week after the show appears. My luck though it will still be another month. I think it may have just been triggered by the cervical exam and nothing more. So I am not getting my hopes up just yet.
But, like I said it did get my butt into gear to get ready. I can think of nothing but cleaning the nursery and getting all of her stuff cleaned. Today I spent the whole afternoon getting all of Syd’s things moved to her room and put away. Next, I got out all the baby clothes and am in the process of washing everything. I forgot how much crap I have. We probably have 30 blankets and tons of clothes, and all still look brand new. Then, I ran to Target and stocked up on the few baby things I still need. Then I came home and completely cleaned out the nursery. Still not enough, I had to clean the adjoining bathroom. Now I am exhausted but am looking forward to getting a move on it all again tomorrow morning. I still need to get out the swing, bouncee chair, carseat etc and clean them all out. Must get done!!
Only problem I can’t fix now is that our basement is still not done and we have stored everything in the guestroom waiting until we can move it back down. So, if baby does come anytime in the next couple of weeks Brandon will be very busy trying to clean out the room for Grandparents. Oh well, he can run home at night while I sleep and clean.

Spa Day

Syd had her second day of school on Friday so I decided to treat myself to a spa morning. Afterall, Brandon spent God knows how much on his theatre room so I should be able to do soemthing for myself as well, right? I had time for complete hydration facial and one hour massage massage. I was so excited to get pampered for a few hours. I had the massage first. My girl was a little 100 pound 20 something year old girl. I have had some pretty weird massages in my time and just wanted to relax today, good she seemed pretty normal. So they propped me up on my side with all the pregnancy pillows and started on my back. She was amazed at how tight and knotted it was, didn’t surprise me at all, it had been hurting pretty bad the last few weeks. I think at this moment Hulk Hogan took her place because the amount of pressure this girl was laying on me was pretty intense. It was really starting to hurt, should I have her lighten up? I almost asked her to but my back has been hurting so much I really wanted to get the kinks out and was willing to endure a little pain to feel better. A couple of times I had to readjust because I was being shoved into the bed so much and I know I let out a couple of groans in pain. So we moved on to the other side. Ok, I can’t take it anymore so I told her this side was too sore, lighten up a little. I was able to relax a little now, but it was still pretty intense, hopefully it helps my back.
Next I moved on to my facial. The girl I really like has left the company so today I got Oxanna. I had Oxanna once before about two years ago. She is from Russia and was a little mean and rough with you during the facial. She fit the mean Russian movie sterotype from the 80’s. I really just wanted to relax so was a little disappointed. Anyway, Oxanna has softened up and the whole facial was awesome. Ninety minutes of pure relaxation. You leave each of the facial treatments on your face for at least 10 minutes. During that time Oxanna would massage different parts of your body including your feet, hands, arms, shoulders, neck and – the best of all – the scalp. It was great…until my mud mask.
Oxanna asked me if I was claustrophobic because she was going to use an especially thick mask on me. Nope, not at all. She then puts on thin cream and then starts to cover my face with a fabric like a cheesecloth. It covered everything but my nostrils, including eyes and mouth. Then she starts to cake on this extremely thick mud like substance right over mouth, eyes and entire face. And, I start to feel a little weird. Then, a bit of panic started to slowly build up inside of me. I tried to tell myself I was fine, you have done this numerous times before. But, the panic kept growing. I soon felt like I couldn’t breathe at all and was trying to control my breaths. And, the panic kept growing. Now, I was getting a really big heat flash over my entire body and totally freaked out. I ripped the blankets off and reached up and yanked the mask off my mouth. Now I was embarrassed and apologized for my freak attack. I next had to have her take the mask off my eyes because that was also really freaking me out. Oxanna then told me to calm down, she would stay in the room with me, opened the door for fresh air, and began rubbing my feet. It took a good couple of minutes to get my breath back and then I was again relaxed. I contribute the attack to my stuffy nose. Just don’t think I was getting enough air in through the nose, but still embarrassed. I’ve never had a panic attack quite like that before. It just took over and I was out of controllable.
Anyway, that was my day. Overall, it was awesome. Great to relax a little. But, my back is still sore from the Hulk massage. Next time I will definitely have them cool it a little. Will definitely go back for the facial. But, may just keep the mouth uncovered from now on.

Lunch Meat

So Thursday night we had to run down to the fish store we found that sells the acrylic tanks we are looking at. We still have to order it and it will take three weeks to get in, but at least we could see an actual tank before spending too much money on it. Afterwards we ran to dinner and then I needed to run into the grocery to buy meat and grapes for Syd’s school lunch. I was waiting in line behind one man at the deli who was getting lots of different items being very patient. The deli clerk looked like he was a teenager and was one of those kids who is constantly looking around him. Always wondered what these kids were looking for. Chicks, rival gang members, who knows. Anyway, he started to slice the meat and of course was too cool to look at the slicer and instead was looking around for this mystery object. Then it happened, he sliced his finger, I saw it happen and completely jumped out of my skin. He called for help on the speaker while the guy in front of me was trying to calm him down and tell him how to control the bleeding. One girl came running asking if he was okay. She said, “Did you slice it?” He responded, “No, I cut the tip right off.”
Ok, too gross for me. I moved on to grab a bag of lunch meat and decided to never buy deli meat there again. Who knows what all may be in your meat.


I think my husband is trying to play with my mind. You may all remember that when I was pregnant with Sydney our furnace blew one night and started to fill the house with smoke. Of course, Brandon was conveniently out of town on business for this ordeal so I had to figure it all out myself. But wasn’t allowed to be near the fumes or in the house even. Luckily, I got a neighbor to come over and help me out but ended up having to sit in the freezing car for an hour waiting for the repair guy to show up. Well, this Monday and Tuesday Brandon was away on business again. Monday I had a big doctor’s appointment and was running around trying to get everything ready to go. When I came down the stairs I immediately noticed water spilled all over the entryway and the fish tank water was definitely down a good 6 inches. There was a very small leak in the front corner of the tank with a constant drip onto the floor, just what I needed to deal with. Luckily for me I had thrown the laundry over the balcony the night before so it was soaking up all the water. The clothes were soaked but at least it wasn’t just pooling on the floor through to the basement. I hurriedly called B and we decided that I should try to get as much water out as possible to relieve pressure on the tank. After taking it down about half way the leak stopped. Must be in the top part of the tank.
So I run to my appointment and end up being about 15 minutes late. Then I run to Petsmart to try and buy a replacement tank. But, they have no acrylic tanks in stock. We are not buying another glass tank because this could happen again. I then call all pet/aquarium stores in the entire Denver area and not a single store carries acrylic tanks in stock, you have to order them. Makes no sense to me. So, we have to order a tank which will take 2-4 weeks to arrive. What are we supposed to do with the fish until then? They are living in about 6 inches of water with no filtration. Lovely, just what we needed to worry about now. Like we don’t have enough on our plate over the next month.
Brandon has been whining about getting a nicer tank for the area but I didn’t want to spend the money. Seems awfully convenient to me. Though not sure why he had to sabotage the tank on my watch.


So, the extremely restless nights have begun because I am so uncomfortable at night with the backaches and about six pee breaks. As a result, I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. Here is one that I think needs to be shared and maybe someone can tell me what the heck this means. What do all of these things have to do with each other and how did my head make this all up?
It all starts in one of those kids wooden fort swing sets. Natalee, Brandon’s sister, has set up a radio talk show in the top of one of these play forts in our backyard. The entire idea of the show is for her to think of different ways to drop the F word in various sentences. Frank Sinatra has heard of this show and is outraged that it is allowed to be on the air. So he decides to stage a one man protest outside the fort. He now lives in our backyard constantly shouting at Natalee to come down. One of the attached fort accessory pieces is a church pew. Natalee’s parents are outraged by this show as well and have vowed to not stop praying until Natalee comes down from the fort and ceases her show. So they now also live in the backyard but are in a constant kneeling position on the church pew swaying back and forth to prayer. They have also hired a tactical team to climb up the fort and get Natalee down. Of course the two people chosen for this huge feat are my Dad and Mary. Backup a little here, the fort is about 30 feet tall and Natalee has thrown off all ladders and booby trapped the sides of the fort with lard so that no one could possibly climb to the top. But, Dad and Mary are unwilling to give up on a challenge and try nonstop to climb up the walls only to slide down once half way up.
Meanwhile, Brandon and I have decided that the fort bottom is in desperate need of a small built in refrigerator so that everyone keeps well quenched in the Colorado sun. But, we are unable to find a refrigerator that will fit in the pre-made fort refrigerator hole. So, we have hundreds of refrigerators delivered and we drag each one up to the hole, try to shove it in, and then move on to the next one, again and again.
Now, the fort bottom is only about 6’ by 6’ on the outside and has the added playhouse walls package. But, when you open the door it is actually a humongous house, with a very ritzy interior. Trying to make some extra money, Brandon and I rent it out to all of my Mom’s brothers and sisters as a vacation getaway. They each take one week rotations with their families and switch back and forth all year long. At this particular moment, my Uncle Rod is here with Julie and the kids. Their daughter Katie is making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner when all of a sudden she spills the spaghetti sauce all over the very expensive floor and cannot get up the stain. Rod walks in on this and panics because he doesn’t want the other renters to know he has ruined the floor. Katie starts crying and Rod is running around, with his arms flying around in the air, fearing his punishment by the family for ruining the floor.
Our friends, the Burkes, have heard of all this commotion going on in our yard and have decided to put an end to this right now. They have staged a two person protest rally on the back deck, megaphones and all, to get us kicked out of the neighborhood. But, nobody seems to pay any attention to them.
I think those are all the events going on at the playhouse, at least that I can remember. Now remember, all of these are going on simultaneously, over and over again, with no end in sight. And, its all going on in my backyard. Am I insane?

Opinions Needed, Quick

Syd and I checked out a Mom’s Day Out program today and she thought it was pretty cool. So we are enrolling her to start this Monday or Tuesday. She will go once a week for four hours with a total of 5 kids in her class with two teachers. They have LOTS of playtime mixed in with crafts, storytime, stroller rides, outdoor playtime, snacks and more playtime. Here is my dilema. Syd has music class on Tuesdays, which she loves, she has been with the same kids all year and enjoys seeing them each week. So, I was going to enroll her in the Monday Moms Day Out class. But, today I found out that the Monday class consists of all boys, Syd would be the only girl. The Tuesday class has two girls and one boy. Do you think its important for her to have other little girls to play with in her class, or does it not matter at this age? I could move her to another music class so she has girls in her MDO class, but then she would not be with those same kids anymore that she enjoys seeing each week. The MDO teachers say that the little boys in the Monday class are all really sweet and not rough with each other at all, so they think its no problem. And the kids at this age don’t tend to really play together much anyway. Also, the little girl in the Tuesday class actually pushed Syd over during our visit because she didn’t want her to share in craft time. The boy could care less what Syd did, never bothered her. She does seem to want to play with boys more now at the playgrounds since the girls tend to be more bossy, but she loves watching the girls play so she can copy them.
What should I do? Move music class so she has girls in MDO. Or leave her in the same music class and see how she does being the only girl? Both classes, music and MDO, end in the end of May so is it even long enough to worry about anyway?

Back on my Feet Again, Kinda

Oops, I did it again. On Sunday we were leaving IHOP for breakfast and were walking to the car. I stepped off the world’s smallest curb, maybe three inches tall, and completely twisted my ankle in this giant stepoff. I was just taking my time, walking slow, holding Syd’s hand and the ole ankle just gave out again. I have no idea what makes it go all of a sudden so I am getting nervous to walk at all.
This time I could tell something was wrong right away. The pain in my foot was horrible and I couldn’t stand up on my own at all. So, B put Syd in the car and I laid on the curb like a retard once again until he could drive around to me. Syd knew Mommy was hurt so she was really upset and was just bawling as Daddy took her away. The entire drive home she cried “Mommy Ouchie, Okay?” She was happy I was up and in the car but still very worried you could tell.
So, the last two days I have been sitting in my LaZBoy, not able to bear any weight on the foot. I am getting really tired of sitting around all day. I have been rolling around on the wheeled office chair downstars for bathroom runs and crawling to the toilet for my many nightly pees. Syd now thinks we are playing car with the chair and doggy with the crawling so she thinks its all pretty cool now. But, she is getting mad at me sitting all day so now she grabs my foot real tight and says, “My Foot.” She knows this gets me yelling in pain and does it only for the reaction I think. She wants me to know she does not want me sitting around anymore. Kids are so sympathetic to their sick parents.
I haven’t gone to the doctor, that’s for babies, but don’t think anything is really wrong. It has never swelled, was only slightly reddened the first day and is feeling better each day. Today, I can actually walk around as long as I don’t do too much at once. I think it will be back to normal by tomorrow. But, will it happen again?