Back on my Feet Again, Kinda

Oops, I did it again. On Sunday we were leaving IHOP for breakfast and were walking to the car. I stepped off the world’s smallest curb, maybe three inches tall, and completely twisted my ankle in this giant stepoff. I was just taking my time, walking slow, holding Syd’s hand and the ole ankle just gave out again. I have no idea what makes it go all of a sudden so I am getting nervous to walk at all.
This time I could tell something was wrong right away. The pain in my foot was horrible and I couldn’t stand up on my own at all. So, B put Syd in the car and I laid on the curb like a retard once again until he could drive around to me. Syd knew Mommy was hurt so she was really upset and was just bawling as Daddy took her away. The entire drive home she cried “Mommy Ouchie, Okay?” She was happy I was up and in the car but still very worried you could tell.
So, the last two days I have been sitting in my LaZBoy, not able to bear any weight on the foot. I am getting really tired of sitting around all day. I have been rolling around on the wheeled office chair downstars for bathroom runs and crawling to the toilet for my many nightly pees. Syd now thinks we are playing car with the chair and doggy with the crawling so she thinks its all pretty cool now. But, she is getting mad at me sitting all day so now she grabs my foot real tight and says, “My Foot.” She knows this gets me yelling in pain and does it only for the reaction I think. She wants me to know she does not want me sitting around anymore. Kids are so sympathetic to their sick parents.
I haven’t gone to the doctor, that’s for babies, but don’t think anything is really wrong. It has never swelled, was only slightly reddened the first day and is feeling better each day. Today, I can actually walk around as long as I don’t do too much at once. I think it will be back to normal by tomorrow. But, will it happen again?