Opinions Needed, Quick

Syd and I checked out a Mom’s Day Out program today and she thought it was pretty cool. So we are enrolling her to start this Monday or Tuesday. She will go once a week for four hours with a total of 5 kids in her class with two teachers. They have LOTS of playtime mixed in with crafts, storytime, stroller rides, outdoor playtime, snacks and more playtime. Here is my dilema. Syd has music class on Tuesdays, which she loves, she has been with the same kids all year and enjoys seeing them each week. So, I was going to enroll her in the Monday Moms Day Out class. But, today I found out that the Monday class consists of all boys, Syd would be the only girl. The Tuesday class has two girls and one boy. Do you think its important for her to have other little girls to play with in her class, or does it not matter at this age? I could move her to another music class so she has girls in her MDO class, but then she would not be with those same kids anymore that she enjoys seeing each week. The MDO teachers say that the little boys in the Monday class are all really sweet and not rough with each other at all, so they think its no problem. And the kids at this age don’t tend to really play together much anyway. Also, the little girl in the Tuesday class actually pushed Syd over during our visit because she didn’t want her to share in craft time. The boy could care less what Syd did, never bothered her. She does seem to want to play with boys more now at the playgrounds since the girls tend to be more bossy, but she loves watching the girls play so she can copy them.
What should I do? Move music class so she has girls in MDO. Or leave her in the same music class and see how she does being the only girl? Both classes, music and MDO, end in the end of May so is it even long enough to worry about anyway?

  • Mary

    Kim, put Syd in with the boys, and then send me the name of that bratty girl who pushed her.

  • Please help her so she stops asking me!

  • Natalee

    Put her with the boys. She’ll learn how to boss them around. Good practice for when she’s older.

  • Becky

    I think you’re stressin too much. She’ll be fine either way. The daycare lady we go to says it’s more about age vs. gender at this age. Kids this age play with other kids their age or older usually vs. boys or girls. CJ plays with all the girls at daycare because they are older than him and he wants to be like the big kids. He totally ignores the boys who are 6 months younger than him. (at least we hope that’s what’s going on..:))

  • Your Mom

    yfwzsDon’t sweat the small things in life when you have a monster big thing coming — like giving BIRTH! Sydney is already very versatile. She likes all kinds of people, old, young, male, female — even makes a point of making the Paw Paws feel loved. Playing with boys can only enhance her already marvelous and versatile personality. Besides, other Moms are probably waiting for the first girl admitted to sign their little girls up too. Sydney will add some flare and pizazz to a probably boring male classroom. LOVE MOM — I need a picture of you please!

  • keep her away from boys at all costs. they’re evil.