I think my husband is trying to play with my mind. You may all remember that when I was pregnant with Sydney our furnace blew one night and started to fill the house with smoke. Of course, Brandon was conveniently out of town on business for this ordeal so I had to figure it all out myself. But wasn’t allowed to be near the fumes or in the house even. Luckily, I got a neighbor to come over and help me out but ended up having to sit in the freezing car for an hour waiting for the repair guy to show up. Well, this Monday and Tuesday Brandon was away on business again. Monday I had a big doctor’s appointment and was running around trying to get everything ready to go. When I came down the stairs I immediately noticed water spilled all over the entryway and the fish tank water was definitely down a good 6 inches. There was a very small leak in the front corner of the tank with a constant drip onto the floor, just what I needed to deal with. Luckily for me I had thrown the laundry over the balcony the night before so it was soaking up all the water. The clothes were soaked but at least it wasn’t just pooling on the floor through to the basement. I hurriedly called B and we decided that I should try to get as much water out as possible to relieve pressure on the tank. After taking it down about half way the leak stopped. Must be in the top part of the tank.
So I run to my appointment and end up being about 15 minutes late. Then I run to Petsmart to try and buy a replacement tank. But, they have no acrylic tanks in stock. We are not buying another glass tank because this could happen again. I then call all pet/aquarium stores in the entire Denver area and not a single store carries acrylic tanks in stock, you have to order them. Makes no sense to me. So, we have to order a tank which will take 2-4 weeks to arrive. What are we supposed to do with the fish until then? They are living in about 6 inches of water with no filtration. Lovely, just what we needed to worry about now. Like we don’t have enough on our plate over the next month.
Brandon has been whining about getting a nicer tank for the area but I didn’t want to spend the money. Seems awfully convenient to me. Though not sure why he had to sabotage the tank on my watch.