Lunch Meat

So Thursday night we had to run down to the fish store we found that sells the acrylic tanks we are looking at. We still have to order it and it will take three weeks to get in, but at least we could see an actual tank before spending too much money on it. Afterwards we ran to dinner and then I needed to run into the grocery to buy meat and grapes for Syd’s school lunch. I was waiting in line behind one man at the deli who was getting lots of different items being very patient. The deli clerk looked like he was a teenager and was one of those kids who is constantly looking around him. Always wondered what these kids were looking for. Chicks, rival gang members, who knows. Anyway, he started to slice the meat and of course was too cool to look at the slicer and instead was looking around for this mystery object. Then it happened, he sliced his finger, I saw it happen and completely jumped out of my skin. He called for help on the speaker while the guy in front of me was trying to calm him down and tell him how to control the bleeding. One girl came running asking if he was okay. She said, “Did you slice it?” He responded, “No, I cut the tip right off.”
Ok, too gross for me. I moved on to grab a bag of lunch meat and decided to never buy deli meat there again. Who knows what all may be in your meat.