Spa Day

Syd had her second day of school on Friday so I decided to treat myself to a spa morning. Afterall, Brandon spent God knows how much on his theatre room so I should be able to do soemthing for myself as well, right? I had time for complete hydration facial and one hour massage massage. I was so excited to get pampered for a few hours. I had the massage first. My girl was a little 100 pound 20 something year old girl. I have had some pretty weird massages in my time and just wanted to relax today, good she seemed pretty normal. So they propped me up on my side with all the pregnancy pillows and started on my back. She was amazed at how tight and knotted it was, didn’t surprise me at all, it had been hurting pretty bad the last few weeks. I think at this moment Hulk Hogan took her place because the amount of pressure this girl was laying on me was pretty intense. It was really starting to hurt, should I have her lighten up? I almost asked her to but my back has been hurting so much I really wanted to get the kinks out and was willing to endure a little pain to feel better. A couple of times I had to readjust because I was being shoved into the bed so much and I know I let out a couple of groans in pain. So we moved on to the other side. Ok, I can’t take it anymore so I told her this side was too sore, lighten up a little. I was able to relax a little now, but it was still pretty intense, hopefully it helps my back.
Next I moved on to my facial. The girl I really like has left the company so today I got Oxanna. I had Oxanna once before about two years ago. She is from Russia and was a little mean and rough with you during the facial. She fit the mean Russian movie sterotype from the 80’s. I really just wanted to relax so was a little disappointed. Anyway, Oxanna has softened up and the whole facial was awesome. Ninety minutes of pure relaxation. You leave each of the facial treatments on your face for at least 10 minutes. During that time Oxanna would massage different parts of your body including your feet, hands, arms, shoulders, neck and – the best of all – the scalp. It was great…until my mud mask.
Oxanna asked me if I was claustrophobic because she was going to use an especially thick mask on me. Nope, not at all. She then puts on thin cream and then starts to cover my face with a fabric like a cheesecloth. It covered everything but my nostrils, including eyes and mouth. Then she starts to cake on this extremely thick mud like substance right over mouth, eyes and entire face. And, I start to feel a little weird. Then, a bit of panic started to slowly build up inside of me. I tried to tell myself I was fine, you have done this numerous times before. But, the panic kept growing. I soon felt like I couldn’t breathe at all and was trying to control my breaths. And, the panic kept growing. Now, I was getting a really big heat flash over my entire body and totally freaked out. I ripped the blankets off and reached up and yanked the mask off my mouth. Now I was embarrassed and apologized for my freak attack. I next had to have her take the mask off my eyes because that was also really freaking me out. Oxanna then told me to calm down, she would stay in the room with me, opened the door for fresh air, and began rubbing my feet. It took a good couple of minutes to get my breath back and then I was again relaxed. I contribute the attack to my stuffy nose. Just don’t think I was getting enough air in through the nose, but still embarrassed. I’ve never had a panic attack quite like that before. It just took over and I was out of controllable.
Anyway, that was my day. Overall, it was awesome. Great to relax a little. But, my back is still sore from the Hulk massage. Next time I will definitely have them cool it a little. Will definitely go back for the facial. But, may just keep the mouth uncovered from now on.