Baby Prep in Full Action

OK, I officially have less then three weeks to go until the big due date. I have to say we have not done a thing to get ready for this kid except buy one pack of diapers which won’t last a week. Well that has all changed as of today. I started having some of the prelabor symptons throughout the day so it really kicked my ass into freaking out about not being prepared. I had a few Braxton Hicks contractions last week, no big deal, was expecting those anytime. Yesterday I had my OB checkup and they said the baby is in go position. The doctor was unable to tell where the head was so she decided to do a cervical exam just to make sure. She found that the head is so far down in the pelvis that you can’t feel it from the outside anymore. I was only 1 cm and 80% so nothing to brag about there.
I know this is disquisting but all day today I have been having bright red bloody show. The books all say this means that labor typically starts within the next 24 hours to one week after the show appears. My luck though it will still be another month. I think it may have just been triggered by the cervical exam and nothing more. So I am not getting my hopes up just yet.
But, like I said it did get my butt into gear to get ready. I can think of nothing but cleaning the nursery and getting all of her stuff cleaned. Today I spent the whole afternoon getting all of Syd’s things moved to her room and put away. Next, I got out all the baby clothes and am in the process of washing everything. I forgot how much crap I have. We probably have 30 blankets and tons of clothes, and all still look brand new. Then, I ran to Target and stocked up on the few baby things I still need. Then I came home and completely cleaned out the nursery. Still not enough, I had to clean the adjoining bathroom. Now I am exhausted but am looking forward to getting a move on it all again tomorrow morning. I still need to get out the swing, bouncee chair, carseat etc and clean them all out. Must get done!!
Only problem I can’t fix now is that our basement is still not done and we have stored everything in the guestroom waiting until we can move it back down. So, if baby does come anytime in the next couple of weeks Brandon will be very busy trying to clean out the room for Grandparents. Oh well, he can run home at night while I sleep and clean.