I have been waiting for this week’s little catastrophe, seems to be the trend the last few weeks. Unfortunately, we got it on Monday. The guy from the heating company came to finish his part of the basement. These guys just go in and out of our basement windows so that they are not carrying all their stuff through the house. Then when they are done they just leave, never tell you they are done. Seemed a little weird to me but now we are used to it. Well, this guy came on Monday, worked a few hours, and left. Brandon went down a little later to check up on things and found that the guy had just gone and never bothered to close our windows after him. Just left them wide open with no screens or nothing. Why anyone would leave someone’s house this way just completely erks me. Nothing but complete laziness and inconsideration.
So we start doing a head count and are missing one cat, Cosmo. Cosmo is absolutely terrified to be outside more then five minutes and very skiddish so we thought he was just hidding somewhere sleeping. So we tear the house apart, walk up and down the open space behind the house, drive the neighborhood, and no sign of Cosmo. We have posted signs and left a report with the Humane Society but have to admit that after four days with no sign of the little guy it doesn’t seem too likely he will find his way back.
As you may have expected I am definitely not handling this well at all. I know a couple of you have called here over the last couple of days and have not gotten a call back. Definitely not in the mood to chat right now, maybe next week.