Two More Weeks

We are officially two weeks away from the due date as of today and it cannot get here fast enough. I have been feeling like crap the last two weeks and not in a good mood most of the time anymore. I am really uncomfortable since the baby dropped and am having a lot of trouble getting any sleep these days. Plus my allergies are really bad lately making it impossible to breathe out of my nose at all. So between the lack of sleep, itchy eyes, congestion headaches and just plain being uncomfortable, its no fun these days. Its getting hard to get around and seems like I have no energy for anything. Hence the grouchiness. Did I mention I am ready to get this kid out now.
All that being said, I am still having to run around like crazy with our normal weekly schedule plus trying to tie up a few loose ends before the baby comes. Brandon has said the phone has been ringing off the hook while I am gone so I have decided to let you all know my schedule so you don’t call so much while I am not here. Hoping it will disrupt his day less and calm people down about thinking I am just sitting home all day not answering the phone.
I am not home for the majority of the day on all Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. We have classes and other errands these days. This is how it always is and will remain to be until summer. We are usually out most of the weekend as well. The best time to get a hold of me is definitely Wednesday and Thursday. I may still have to run out, but your chances are much more likely that I will be home. Also, Syd takes her nap everyday between about 3:00 and 6:00. This is the only time of day I get to relax and try to get some sleep of my own so please DO NOT call during these hours. I am so tired by this time of the day and get so upset by the constant ringing waking me up just as I fall asleep. All you Indiana people should know we are now one hour behind you so adjust the times. These are also approximate nap times so give me a little time give or take. If you do call during this time I definitely do not pick it up.
Most evenings we go out to eat and don’t get home until 8:00 or later. So you are welcome to try and call us after that. We do eat home a few days a week but not many. Ok, there you go. Hope this gives you all a little clarification and dismisses your ideas that I am sitting home all day not answering the phone. Sorry, if this seems a little abrupt but I am tired.
Just remember that we will let you know when the baby comes. You don’t need to call several times a week to ask me if I am still pregnant. Pregnant ladies don’t like that too much you know.