5 Days

We are now officially in the last few days of this whole baby thing. I am realistic though and figure it will be a few days late given that was the case with Syd and nothing has been happening lately.
At my last doctor visit I was 2 cm and 50% effaced and the baby dropped about three weeks ago. He was thinking I could go anytime but I just don’t feel it is happening soon. I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions and tons of hot flashes. They come up on me very suddenly and just suck. I literally have to start ripping off my clothes because I am so hot or run outside for some cool air. At night I have been standing in front of the open windows while brandon yells because he is freezing. The thermometer says the room is 65 degrees but I am burning up. I remember having hot flashes during labor with Syd but not beforehand. I have gained an appreciation for you ole ladies going through menopause. Guess I won’t make fun of you as much.
Basement is still keeping me really busy. Seems nothing is going right with it so far. We always seem to research things thoroughly and pay good money for quality stuff but it falls apart in the end. All because of stupid people. What can you do?
On another front I am getting the “I need a new car bug” bigtime. We put the other carseat in my car yesterday and it is really tight. We couldn’t fit another thing in the middle seat and my trunk ispretty small. Plus we don’t have the latch system in my car so getting the carseats in was a pain in the butt. We had to move them to the side seats which have that shoulder belt and it just doesn’t look too safe to either of us. The shoulder belt gets in the way of the infant seat everytime you try to put it in the car. I hate to get a new car since mine is so nice and paid off. But it does have 70K miles and is 7 years old. At what point do you just bite the bullet and trade in to get as much trade in on it as possible. Plus, I have side panels constantly falling off the doors and will have to put new brakes and tires on soon. Do I dare buy new right as we spent a load on the basement? Think I may just go look at the Infinity dealer this weekend and see what I think.
Lastly, I need ideas from people out there on vacation spots. We were dead set on going to Costa Rica this February so I bought a travel book and have been reading up on it. Sadly, it has done nothing but tell me its not a good place for a baby. They recommend you have several vaccinations before going and bring along lots of mosquito repellent. The rainforest areas have tons of mosquitos and some have gotten sick from bites or just exposure to the larvae in your food, yuck! But, they are the most advanced of all Central American countries so we may just put it off a couple of years. Other then the bugs and poisonous reptiles it sounds like an awesome place to visit. The wildlife is very unusual and the kids would love it in a couple of years. I refuse to go back to Hawaii or somewhere else we have already been. I need to travel to new places not just play it safe in Hawaii. We may just go to Europe in the summer but what else can you recommend for a warm February vacation. Nothing too wussy either people. We want to get a little adventure out of it. I am thinking maybe something in South America or the likes.