Nothing Yet

I officially think this kid is more stubborn then Syd. Yes, Syd was 4 days late. We are only late 2 so far. But, I did not have labor signs as long as I am having with this kid with absolutely no results. Tuesday night I thought for sure it was starting. I had small contractions for about 2 hours nonstop, but they were not gaining in strength. Then they just started to slow down and then stop altogether. Last night and today I have been having longer and slightly stronger contractions but very sporadic. Maybe one or two an hour. I think this kid is definitely trying to mess with my head. If I have to hold out until the inducement on Monday I will not be a happy camper. Especially with all this teasing of I am coming…oh just kidding.
Good news is Grandma gets in tonight to watch Syd while we are in the hospital. So this means we won’t have to call neighbors in the middle of the night and wake Syd up to put her in a strange bed. She gets to stay home and play with Gram all day. She won’t even miss boring ole Mom.
Anyway, I think I am going to go do some jump rope and jumping jacks to show this kid who is boss. Just a little bumpy ride to teach her not to mess with Mom.