It’s Baby Time

Four hours later and its definitely a go on baby time…at least I think so. Contractions are about 7-8 minutes apart and getting much stronger and longer. If I walk around they are closer together but not quite as intense. Not sure which one progesses you faster. Longer contractions but slightly farther part or closer together but not as long.
Anyway, its light outside now so am going to hit the shower, try to eat a little something and maybe try to walk around outside.
Will post when we head out to hospital. I have a feeling it will be several hours but you never know with these things.
Looks like Grandma got here just in time. And, the baby is coming over the weekend for perfect timing. Maybe this kid isn’t so stubborn afterall.
Oh, and yes we are excited it is finally coming but, OUCH! I forgot about this part.
Grandma and Syd are still sleeping so trying to keep it quiet around here.