Get The Show On The Road

Brandon Here…
Since the Doctor’s office closes at 5 PM, Kim figured she ought to stop in and have them see what progress she had made after 12 hours of contractions. Turns out…not much. Same numbers as the other day. The birthing center finally slowed down for the week (101 babies so far) so they said that they would just admit her and break her water if she wants. Yes, please.
So we checked into Casa Longmont United Hospital. Kim is in her gown and ready to roll. Grandma is back at home with Ne Ne.
Will it be a long night?


(Where are the Playboys? Inside joke.)

  • Stephanee

    Sounds like the little angel is taking after her big cousin Ryan. Hopefully after they break her water, it will go fast.

  • Carole

    Kim, just let me know if B shows up with any magazines rolled up under his arm! It’s a trick that he learned from his Dad! Keep up the good work..your almost to the best part. Love YOU!

  • Herb

    Forget the magazine, just go to their web site and you won’t have to hear about that for the rest of your life! Oh, and it doesn’t look like you are having any fun right now either.