Water Is Broken

Ok, can you really “break water”? That seems hard. Anyway, they did it. 5 cm and climbing. Are you going to hang in there all night with us?

  • G’ma C

    We’re in for the long haul. Popcorn is ready; our laptop is plugged in so we don’t have to worry about battery outage. Can’t wait for the main feature.

  • Jenn (AKA-MAMA)

    we’re in too!!!
    kim if you need a good laugh, here it is: i am sitting here typing with huge wetspots on my shirt “you know where” even though i weaned nate 3 weeks ago now. the crazy part is i never once leaked in the 8 months that i was feeding him. womans bodies are wild. may your milk come in quickly this time!!!!

  • UPDATE! Dad had just successfully went out and ate a burrito and made it back. Sorry for the temporary delay.

  • Stephanee

    Great!!! I’m voting for a 9:42pm today birthday.

  • G’ma C

    Burrito … one? We’ve already had Cracker Barrel fish, popcorn, two fudgesicles, and now the potato chips. M & Ms are next. This needs to move along!