The Birth Story

Things are finally getting into their own niche here with the Reagan so I thought I’d post what I remember about her birth. More for me so I can look back and remember what happened. So if you get bored with the details just read no more.
About 3 AM contractions started, finally. They started at about 8-10 minutes apart and stayed that way most of the day. They weren’t too strong so I knew it would be a long haul once again. We walked around the neighborhood alot throughout the day and contractions did nothing. May have gotten a tiny bit stronger but not much new. At 3:00 PM I was getting sick of the no progress thing so I called the doctor office and they asked me to come in and get checked. I was only 3+ cm after 12 hours of contractions and I was already 2-3 cm a week ago at the last checkup. Ok, now I was really annoyed. The doc asked me is I wanted her to strip my membranes which may get things started more, yes please! She then said I could go check in at the hospital and she would get my epidural going and then break my water. On the walk over to the hospital I noticed the contractions getting stronger and closer together. Looks like the membrane thing is kicking this baby into gear.
They were really busy at the birthing center, 101 babies so far that month, so it took a little while for me to get started with everything. Meanwhile, the contractions were really picking up in intensity. The nurses got my IV started, after a couple botched attempts they finally asked a nursery nurse to come do mine, my veins are too little. She then sent the bloodwork to the lab and started my IV bag, all of which had to be in before epidural could be placed. Finally, around 5:30 the magic doc came and placed the epidural. At this point the contractions were really hurting and I really didn’t have any desire to feel them at all. Epidural only effected one side at first but after laying on my side for an hour it took over both sides. Nothing better then a well placed epidural. At this point I was still only 4 cm.
After the epidural, the doc came and broke my water, about 6:30. At about 7:30 the epidural had slowed down the contractions causing them to be irregular so they also started me on pitocin to get things back in order. Made a little progress, now 5 cm. Thirty minutes later, the doctor came back in to check me again. She said I was fully dilated and ready to push. Yeah right, I completely thought she was kidding with me. I had gone from 5 cm to 10 cm with the babies head now in view in just 30 minutes. So now I was getting prepared for the 2 plus hours of pushing I had with Syd before they suctioned her out. I pushed once and the doctor yelled for me to stop. I am a great pusher she said, the baby is coming out now, they had better hurry to get room prepared, don’t push! They called in the nursery nurse as well as my nurse and uncovered all the instruments. Time to push again. One push head is out, two pushes baby Reagan is born. Of course I didn’t feel a thing due to an awesome epidural.
Reagan started crying immediately. Syd never cried because she had so much fluid in her lungs. So this time around was a completely different experience then the first time around. Things started out much slower but once I got to the hospital things flew by, much easier then the frst time. And the kid is much different as well.
Daddy quickly went to get Grandma and Sydney for a quick visit. It was love at first sight for Sydney. Then Reagan got her bath and we tried to get some sleep. Recuperation this time as been really easy as well. The bleeding has already stopped, took almost 6 weeks with Syd. I have no trouble getting around. I was very swollen and sore with Sydney from all my IV fluids because I had a slight fever during labor.
I think thats about it. I need to write up Syd’s birth story some day as well so I can remember that one. Seems like our parents stories on our births seem to constantly change. Don’t think they really remember what went on.