Why do kids fight going to sleep with all their might when us adults can’t wait to hit our pillows? Example, last night we had a little neighborhood bash to say goodbye to a moving neighbor, Mary. There were tons of kids there. Syd was having the time of her life. I have literally never seen her having so much fun. Krista, our neighbor girl who is in second grade, wanted Syd to play with her and her friends so she would look after Syd for us. I kept going in to check on them and all was always fine. They would do a rotation. First, they were playing music in the family room and all doing some serious boggey time dance moves. Then they would go to the basement for play house time. Then they would play and dance in their huge sand box. Syd even sat with the girls at dinner and chatted and giggled like a teenager. It was too cute. I have to say the girl loves to dance.
Half way into the evening John yelled for me to look down the open space a few houses. There was Syd and Michael – age 2, walking hand in hand down the open space. She was about three houses away. I think they were going to go make out or something. The only thing stopping them were the sprinklers running. Syd hates getting sprayed with water so they were caught. After about three hours of this nonstop dancing and playing Syd was getting whiney and obviously exhausted. She would fall hiking over the fence and come running to Mommy. After a quick kiss she would cry, “NeNe go dance” and run off to the tunes of MJ. About 9:00 we headed home and Syd threw a fit. “No go home, NeNe dance, NeNe dance.” Quick bath and plopped her in bed. She was yawning, rubbing her eyes, and walking like a drunk man. But still did not want to go to bed. After more fighting and door slamming she finally passed out.
We got to bed around 11:30 which was very early for us lately. Reagan was exhausted from the heat and went to bed at 9:30. Absolutely amazing! I was up with Reagan at 3:00 for 30 minutes. Then Dakota was up for 30 minutes barfing at about 5am. Then I was up with Reagan again at 6:30. Wyatt was next up to poop at 7:00. Then Sydney came in at 8:00. I think I got my usual of about 6 hours. I used to need 9 hours of sleep a night. Now I am at an average of 6. It was really hard to get used to but I think I am finally able to function decently on this much sleep. Just need to sleep in 1-2 times a week. Good thing Daddy helps out with Syd on many mornings.
My body is so used to getting woken up so much that it is becoming really hard to allow myself to fall asleep, it sucks. I hope someday sleep will come back to me. I hear when kids are teenagers they become lazy and sleep in a lot. That’s only 13 years away, right?

Happy Anniversary Dude

Today is our Sixth Wedding Anniversary. I was lying awake last night after one of my many calls from one of the girls for their Mama in the middle of the night. Then I started to think. Wow, tomorrow is our anniversary! Look at all the things that I have done in my life since meeting this guy. I was hoping to put up more pictures of us through the ages but we met long before the digital age and we haven’t scanned in many of our older pictures. So don’t have much to show. Where to start…
We met in 1991. I was 17, Brandon was 16. I was a cashier at the corner Lynn’s Supermarket. Brandon was just starting out as a bag boy. Not really much attaction at first. Brandon looked much younger then his age and I was dating someone else. Plus, I had a crush on the produce guy, hot stuff! Yep, I wasn’t looking to settle down just yet. Then my girlfriend, Jen, thought we should take this new bag boy out on the town for a date. Us two girls and Brandon. We thought it would be funny. So we took Brandon out to Taco Bell and saw “Look Ma, the Babysittters Dead”. Quite the evening. We all hit it off and the three of us hung out nearly every day that summer. I was even seen in the stands of Brandon’s swim meets. This is even where I met Carole, aka B’s Mom, for the first time.
Anyway, soon enough rumors were storming through the grocery store that Brandon had a thing for me. He would deny it when confronted anywhere near me. Then late one evening Jen, Brandon and I were hanging out at the Blackhawk School playground. Jen confronted Brandon and he finally copped up. He said hanging out with me was like being able to look at the menu but not allowed to order anything. Yep, that’s my man. He has a way with words. May seem corny to you all now but at the moment I thought it was awesome. So the next day I broke up with my boyfriend and Brandon and I started “Going Together”, as they called it in those days.
My Mom was a little worried when she first met Brandon. You see those days Brandon’s mode of transportation was a scooter. I had a brand new red sunbird so I picked Brandon up for all our dates. One night Brandon wanted to drive so he picked me up in his Dad’s old blue truck which had those stainless steel naked ladies sprawled out on the sides. Very Classy! Mom soon learned Brandon was okay though and need not worry about him.
The rest is history. Since that day we have experienced a lot together…
Gone to two proms, Graduated from High School, Both Graduated from Purdue, Gone on many travels, Moved to California, Got our first real jobs, Started our own business, Got married in Hawaii, Moved to Colorado, Bought a House, Adopted 6 cats and 2 dogs, and became parents to two amazing little girls.
Not a bad life for meeting this kid in a grocery store in high school. Who would have thought?
Why write this now? When you are parents to two girls under the age of two its easy to forget that you are also married, not just parents. Sometimes you need to just lay in bed at night and think, Wow its my Sixth Anniversary tomorrow. Seems like we just met. Still having a blast together. Wouldn’t change my life for anything and I still kinda love this guy.
Looking forward to whatever else we have coming our way together.
Love You, Honey!
Here’s a few pics along the way. Oddly enough we don’t have many pictures of us together. We never really had a nother person around to snap us together. New rule, take pictures together. I had slim pickings to choose from
1993 – Our Cruise to the Bahamas


1998 – Life in California


6/18/1999 – The Big Day


1999 – Yosemite


2003 – Colorado

2003-11-15 -- Heil Ranch 011.jpg

2004 – Maui

2004-02-16 -- Maui 005.jpg

I’m Back

Whew, I may finally be getting a hang of this two kid thing. It has been absolutely crazy the last few weeks. Reagan doesn’t go to bed until late, 11:00 – midnight somewhere. She sleeps one 6 hour stretch, which is great, and then is up every two hours to eat. Of course, Syd wakes up between 8 – 9 am so not much sleep going on for us parents right now. Syd has also been fighting me majorly on naptime. She sneaks out of her room and sees me with the baby and thinks she is missing out on something. So I put her back in bed kicking and screaming. This can go on for an hour before she is so worn out that she collapses on the floor. If she doesn’t take a nap you don’t want to be anywhere near her in the evenings, grouch! Our neighbor told us to put a baby gate in her door to lock her in. Good idea will try that next. She is definitely getting a little more jealous of this new baby that gets so much of Mommy’s time. I get lots of, “Mama, baby go night night now.” But loves her lots if Mom is giving them both attention at the same time.
I have not lost a single pound since coming home from the hospital. They say breastfeeding takes off the pounds, bullcrap. I have just decided to try and keep on the move throughout the day to try and start losing some pounds. Very hard when I am constantly nursing, but am trying. I really need to start walking or treadmilling, but have found many reasons to put it off. Too tired, others things to do, need to play with Syd, clean, cook, errands. Just need to kick my self in gear and get it done. I absolutely hate being this heavy right now. But the motivation is not there yet.
What else? I have gotten my spring checklist done. Had carpet cleaned, had windows cleaned, did all spring yardwork, planted annuals, ( with help from my Dad), took all cats to spa to get baths. First cat baths since I have owned them. Figured it was time. Tibbs is 12 years old so kinda gross now that I think about it. May just make that a yearly thing now. It got rid of all the spring shedding in the house. Also, the window cleaner said he killed a huge black widow in Reagan’s bedroom window. Just lovely if my kid would have gotten biten in her own crib. Good thing she is still in our room for moment.
I am sure you all heard from brandon that our radon test came out very high. An average of 12, but went up to 17 at times. Anything over a 4 is unsafe. Someone told us that a rating of 21 is like smoking 12 cigars a day. Brandon has been really nervous that he has been breathing that in for 4 years now. He has had this weird cough the last couple of years so of course its making him nervous that its the start of lung problems. Not too cool. I have a guy coming in the morning to see what he can do to get rid of it for us. Just our luck that we just finished the basement and that is where he will need to work. I am hoping he doesn’t need to break into the wall to install the radon fans, but don’t know yet. All you out there should get your house tested ASAP. Radon is the cause of 30% of all lung cancer cases. Not fun stuff. And it can be anywhere, not just Colorado.
All of Syd’s classes have ended so I am stuck at home with her for the summer. I wasn’t going to renew gymnastics or music class for the summer but am rethinking that. It would be nice to still get her out a couple of times a week so she doesn’t get too bored. Just hope Reagan doesn’t act up in the classes too much. Will just have to give it a try.
Lastly, I think we have decided on Puerto Vallarta for our fall/winter vacation this year. I was doing some research on it this week and it looks great. It is on a huge bay and the beaches look awesome. The hotels I have been looking at look great with huge pools and kid activities. Just need to research the area a little more now to see what else there is to see in the area. But, at this point I am mostly interested in lying at the beach and soaking in the huge pools. It is also a direct 3 hour flight from Denver so that can’t be beat with two kids. Hope to see you there.
For now I will have to settle on going to our little reservoir for some beach time. We are going to get a summer pass this year and will probably hang out there many weekends this summer. It is great because we can take the dogs in for a swim and cool off in this heat. And its only a 2 minute drive from the house. Takes us longer to pack up the kids and dogs. The dog area is also not used too much so not too many people around you. Those who are there are very spread out so as to avoid getting the dogs too close to one another. Its also very clean for a lake so should be fun.
That’s all I know for now. And besides I hear Miss Reagan stirring. Maybe I’ll get a chance to write again next month 🙂