Happy Anniversary Dude

Today is our Sixth Wedding Anniversary. I was lying awake last night after one of my many calls from one of the girls for their Mama in the middle of the night. Then I started to think. Wow, tomorrow is our anniversary! Look at all the things that I have done in my life since meeting this guy. I was hoping to put up more pictures of us through the ages but we met long before the digital age and we haven’t scanned in many of our older pictures. So don’t have much to show. Where to start…
We met in 1991. I was 17, Brandon was 16. I was a cashier at the corner Lynn’s Supermarket. Brandon was just starting out as a bag boy. Not really much attaction at first. Brandon looked much younger then his age and I was dating someone else. Plus, I had a crush on the produce guy, hot stuff! Yep, I wasn’t looking to settle down just yet. Then my girlfriend, Jen, thought we should take this new bag boy out on the town for a date. Us two girls and Brandon. We thought it would be funny. So we took Brandon out to Taco Bell and saw “Look Ma, the Babysittters Dead”. Quite the evening. We all hit it off and the three of us hung out nearly every day that summer. I was even seen in the stands of Brandon’s swim meets. This is even where I met Carole, aka B’s Mom, for the first time.
Anyway, soon enough rumors were storming through the grocery store that Brandon had a thing for me. He would deny it when confronted anywhere near me. Then late one evening Jen, Brandon and I were hanging out at the Blackhawk School playground. Jen confronted Brandon and he finally copped up. He said hanging out with me was like being able to look at the menu but not allowed to order anything. Yep, that’s my man. He has a way with words. May seem corny to you all now but at the moment I thought it was awesome. So the next day I broke up with my boyfriend and Brandon and I started “Going Together”, as they called it in those days.
My Mom was a little worried when she first met Brandon. You see those days Brandon’s mode of transportation was a scooter. I had a brand new red sunbird so I picked Brandon up for all our dates. One night Brandon wanted to drive so he picked me up in his Dad’s old blue truck which had those stainless steel naked ladies sprawled out on the sides. Very Classy! Mom soon learned Brandon was okay though and need not worry about him.
The rest is history. Since that day we have experienced a lot together…
Gone to two proms, Graduated from High School, Both Graduated from Purdue, Gone on many travels, Moved to California, Got our first real jobs, Started our own business, Got married in Hawaii, Moved to Colorado, Bought a House, Adopted 6 cats and 2 dogs, and became parents to two amazing little girls.
Not a bad life for meeting this kid in a grocery store in high school. Who would have thought?
Why write this now? When you are parents to two girls under the age of two its easy to forget that you are also married, not just parents. Sometimes you need to just lay in bed at night and think, Wow its my Sixth Anniversary tomorrow. Seems like we just met. Still having a blast together. Wouldn’t change my life for anything and I still kinda love this guy.
Looking forward to whatever else we have coming our way together.
Love You, Honey!
Here’s a few pics along the way. Oddly enough we don’t have many pictures of us together. We never really had a nother person around to snap us together. New rule, take pictures together. I had slim pickings to choose from
1993 – Our Cruise to the Bahamas


1998 – Life in California


6/18/1999 – The Big Day


1999 – Yosemite


2003 – Colorado

2003-11-15 -- Heil Ranch 011.jpg

2004 – Maui

2004-02-16 -- Maui 005.jpg