Why do kids fight going to sleep with all their might when us adults can’t wait to hit our pillows? Example, last night we had a little neighborhood bash to say goodbye to a moving neighbor, Mary. There were tons of kids there. Syd was having the time of her life. I have literally never seen her having so much fun. Krista, our neighbor girl who is in second grade, wanted Syd to play with her and her friends so she would look after Syd for us. I kept going in to check on them and all was always fine. They would do a rotation. First, they were playing music in the family room and all doing some serious boggey time dance moves. Then they would go to the basement for play house time. Then they would play and dance in their huge sand box. Syd even sat with the girls at dinner and chatted and giggled like a teenager. It was too cute. I have to say the girl loves to dance.
Half way into the evening John yelled for me to look down the open space a few houses. There was Syd and Michael – age 2, walking hand in hand down the open space. She was about three houses away. I think they were going to go make out or something. The only thing stopping them were the sprinklers running. Syd hates getting sprayed with water so they were caught. After about three hours of this nonstop dancing and playing Syd was getting whiney and obviously exhausted. She would fall hiking over the fence and come running to Mommy. After a quick kiss she would cry, “NeNe go dance” and run off to the tunes of MJ. About 9:00 we headed home and Syd threw a fit. “No go home, NeNe dance, NeNe dance.” Quick bath and plopped her in bed. She was yawning, rubbing her eyes, and walking like a drunk man. But still did not want to go to bed. After more fighting and door slamming she finally passed out.
We got to bed around 11:30 which was very early for us lately. Reagan was exhausted from the heat and went to bed at 9:30. Absolutely amazing! I was up with Reagan at 3:00 for 30 minutes. Then Dakota was up for 30 minutes barfing at about 5am. Then I was up with Reagan again at 6:30. Wyatt was next up to poop at 7:00. Then Sydney came in at 8:00. I think I got my usual of about 6 hours. I used to need 9 hours of sleep a night. Now I am at an average of 6. It was really hard to get used to but I think I am finally able to function decently on this much sleep. Just need to sleep in 1-2 times a week. Good thing Daddy helps out with Syd on many mornings.
My body is so used to getting woken up so much that it is becoming really hard to allow myself to fall asleep, it sucks. I hope someday sleep will come back to me. I hear when kids are teenagers they become lazy and sleep in a lot. That’s only 13 years away, right?

  • kids try to kill us by using sleep deprivation. the military learns new techniques by observing two year-olds.
    the problem with (older) teenagers is that they stay out until all hours and you stay up worrying. then they sleep until noon but you still have to get up and do stuff. you can’t win. ever.

  • Your Mom

    It is true, teenagers become lazy — at least all of you slept later in the morning, senior itis, those kinds of things. I think if you got 6 hours straight sleep, it wouldn’t be so bad – it’s the 6 hour total, interrupted that’s a killer. Also, new Moms sleep very lightly so they can hear the babies. This does keep up until they can get up — get cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons. At least that’s earlier than teenage years. GIving you some hope — Love MOM