Shape It Up

Since giving birth to kid number two I have topped the scales at an all time high on weight. I can’t fit into any of the fat clothes I bought after Syd. I am carrying an extra 20 pounds more then after having Syd which is a huge difference and the weight is driving me crazy. Reagan gets serious tummy aches whenever I eat any kind of vegetable including salads. So my diet consists of mostly pasta, fruit, cheese and some chicken. Not very low on the carbs and definitely not too high on protein since I don’t eat any meat but small amounts of chicken. Don’t seem to be losing any weight with just my daily routine so time to get serious. So, I hired a professional trainer to come to my house Monday, Wednesday and Friday to whip me into shape. This seemed like the best option since the gym nurseries won’t take kids under two. And if left to excercise on my own I would just never get around to it, always have an excuse, sound familar to many of you?
So my first day was yesterday on the 4th. I was really dreading it since I thought it would be too hard. But, wouldn’t you know that I actually enjoyed the workout. I think the key is having a good trainer. Cindy is really nice, not too pushy with you and keeps you motivated. As an extra incentive, I am splitting the session with a neighbor so we can spit the cost and motivate each other to keep going. I wouldn’t want to be embarassed by quitting and leaving her solo. I feel real good today but am slightly sore in my forearms from the weightlifting.
Here are a few things I have learned for all of you out there in my position. Cindy teaches several postnatal workout classes so she knows what I can and can’t do right now. My main focus is abs, lower back (with the lovely fat roles…thanks Reagan), cardio and overall toning. Desired weight loss is about 40 pounds. This would put me at about 130…yep that’s 170 now for all of you slow with the math. I can’t do any type of abdominal crunches or sit-ups until Reagan is 6 months old. Cindy said this is the biggest mistake many women make after having the kid. Your abdominal muscles were stretched and torn so much with the pregnancy that now they are just trying to repair themselves. If you stress them out now they will just develop scar tissue. Resulting in a pouch which you will never be able to get rid of no matter how many crunches you do. So instead I am doing excercises to work on my sides and lower back to get my abdomen ready for those crunches in 4 months. So for now I am doing planks daily. These suck! Look easy but very hard to hold. Can’t explain what they are but they suck. I am also doing some kickboxing which I absolutely love. And then I do my cardio-weightlifting routine, along with other stuff, 3 days a week with Cindy. Off days I am supposed to walk a lot to get the heartbeat going. But, with the heat outside right now this has not yet been happening. Again, I have excuses. I will work on that one.
Anyway, for now I am enjoying the workouts. Let us hope this is how I continue to think about them. All I have to do is think about the tent I would have to wear as a bathing suit this November in Mexico or this January on the cruise and then I get real motivated.