Ok, so I am working on the weight issue as already explained. What’s next? My horribly crooked smile. I finally bit the bullet and had a consultation with an orthodontist last week. I think he was mortified that I waited this long to see him. I explained that I had braces when I was a teenager but it didn’t take. The doctor had tried to expand my jaw to make room then I had the actual braces for less then a year. This all resulted in horrible TMJ with my jaw completly locking up twice and the teeth all moved back. My jaw ached so much and kept trying to move back in that it made my retainer very painful to wear. Thus resulting in horrible migraines. So I finally let it go.
Anyway, this doc said I need at least 10 mm of additional space to accomodate the teeth I have. And there is no way you could stretch your jaw this much. It cannot grow this much so it would just go right back to where it was. I can only get the room I need by pulling some teeth. Ahh, this makes perfect sense to me. My high school orthodontist was an idiot. He always ignored me when I told him about my jaw pain so I knew something was wrong with his plan.
Next month I go in for complete skeletal x-rays and mouth molds. He then takes a million measurements and figures out the plan of action. Then the braces go on for about two years. Unfortunately, the clear braces are not as smooth as the metal ones so your mouth takes longer to get used to them and they cut more. They also cost about $700 more. But, I can’t imagine 2 years of metal mouth as an adult. So I am going to just live through the pain for clear braces. I think my hubby would be able to live with those much better as well. Though the metal ones just might take him back to the day we met.

  • You might want to ask about veneer’s. I’m not sure if they would work in your case, but I had a horrible experience with braces as well. I was born without eye teeth (yea, nice genetics here) and had spaces. 4 years of braces to scrunch all my teeth forward to make up for the gap. At 17 they removed the braces and 2 weeks later…. the teeth fell back into their original spot in my gums. 🙁 Painful and a total waste of my parents money. Not to mention to 4 years of dental visits.
    Veneers were just coming out but they were able to make them just a little larger than my actual teeth to cover the gaps. Since I had them for over 10 years I did get them replaced last summer. I was promised that because of the new technology I wouldn’t have to go through that again.
    Just a thought – but in the long run they really are cost comparable vs braces and almost instant!

  • jennifer delp

    the metal braces look a lot better than they used to. i have metal braces and i like them a lot! but my orthodontist uses a special technique to make it not hurt. they get a bit touchy after “tightening” (they replace the wire nowadays), but not too bad.