Week One Down

So today is the end of week one with the personal trainer. How did I do? Let’s see, I gained two pounds. Not the way to motivate one after all that work. Has to be the carb diet but not much you can do about that when nursing a new baby. I am going to try to bring the salads back in though. I will start pretty plain and if that goes over well with her I will add the veggies. I am hoping it is one of the toppings on the salad not the lettuce itself that gives her the stomach aches. Cross your fingers. My body is craving veggies but don’t want to put the kid through horrible stomach cramps just to lose a few pounds. The amount of food I need is also amazing. I am not only feeding myself but add nursing a baby and the working out and I am starving all the time. Hopefully she will let me eat the salads then the weight should hopefully start coming off slowly. I could use a dietician and private chef but let’s not get carried away here with the hired help.
My neighbor can’t do Friday workouts anymore so we had to change the schedule to Mon, Wed, & Thurs. Not too happy about that but what do you do? After the Thursday workout my arms were like spaghetti. I was in the shower and my arms did not want to listen to what I was telling them to do. Tried to soap up my upper chest and arms but the arms just didn’t want to be raised above my waist. Very weird feeling. I attribute spaghetti arms to two days in a row of weights, especially the benchpress and rows. I never dreamed I would ever do a benchpress but look ma, I did it! The arms were back to normal by dinnertime, no worries.
Ok, one weird question for you all out there who do some weightlifting. Do the leg lifts give you a strong urge to pee or is that just me? Every time I lay down on that bench and lift the weights I am quietly praying that my bladder holds on. Wouldn’t that just be my luck to piss all over my neighbor’s basement. Wouldn’t I be the talk of the neighborhood.