Let me start off by saying. I HATE dealing with hospitals and insurance companies. That said, I got a bill from the hospital saying we owe money on Reagan’s birth. First off, our insurance Cigna pays 100% of all preganancy and birth bills. Second, I have the insurance explanation of benefits in my hand and it says they paid 100% of the bill. Then as I look on, I notice that the hospital billed the insurance twice for my part of the birth and the Cigna paid it twice. The second billing just had some additional charges added to the same ones already billed and paid. So, I call the hospital. Tell them that I have the papers on Reagan and the entire bill was already paid. In fact, it says in bold that patient owes nothing. I am then told that the hospital is saying the bill was for one amount but the insurance is showing it submitted for another amount. Hospital amount is higher so they want me to pay difference. Um, NO! After more fighting she sees that there were additional charges added about two weeks after my stay that were not submitted to insurance. Better yet, she had no idea what the charge was for. So, she wants me to call insurance company to see if they know of charge. Ok, how would they know, but I’ll call.
Next, I tell them about the double paying of my bill. She looks in her computer, sees the double payment and it shows a credit on my account due to Cigna. She then tells me that I have to call Cigna and tell them to ask the hospital for the credit amount back to them. OK, this is my responsibilty how? I call the insurance company.
I am first supposed to tell them about additional bill on Reagan to see if they received it. Nope. They want me to call back hospital and submit new charges. Second I tell them about my double payment. She also sees double payment on her end. She then tells me it is responsibilty of hospital to send them credit. But, hospital just told me the opposite. Nothing she can do just call hospital.
Ok, I call back hospital. They will submit additional charges on Reagan, done. Onto double payment. I tell her Cigna says it is your responsibilty to send them the credit due. Makes absolute sense to me, right? The girl actually laughed at me and literally said. Yeah right, we are just supposed to send back the money without them requesting it. They have to ask for it first. Ok, what world do you live in lady. Screw you all. I am out of this. I was trying to do the right thing and let Cigna know about this double payment. You always hear about the rising cost of medical bills and how it is breaking the insurance companies. I have called you both. Told you of this double payment, and neither of you give a crap. Hospital thinks they can just keep it. Cigna doesn’t care if they get it back. We are talking about $7000 bucks here. Seems like someone should care about it. I am just keeping records of everything. If they ever say I’ve reached a limit or something I can throw this in their face. Though, they probably won’t listen.
WIth Syd, it was the opposite. Blue Cross wouln’t pay the bill for some reason even though covered by the plan. This was much worse. It took me calling the hospital and Blue Cross over and over for a good 6 months before they would pay. Ended up just being some typo by girl submitting claim. At some point you would think the hospital could just call the insurance or vice versa. This middle man just starts to get ridiculous. No wonder people finally go in with the guns on these things.

  • G’ma C

    When I ran a claim shop, all hospital bills had to be audited because this is where more billing errors occurred than any other provider. CIGNA has a responsibility to follow through now that you’ve alerted them–claims payouts and usage directly affects your insurance premiums. Let your company insurance administrator know what’s happening, and I’ll guarantee you, CIGNA will go after the money!

  • Becky

    Yes, they are all idiots. I got billed twice about 4 years ago for a routine pap smear. Nobody would listen to me about why would I need two pap smears on the same day? I did not ask for two and I did not get two results…Called about 5 different place about 10 times each on this and got the same run-around crap. Finally when we went to buy this house, I find that the hospital has submitted the second unpaid bill to collections and my credit is in the dumper over a $30 bill that I would not pay out of principle.

  • Rob

    I am fighting CIGNA for the same reason. TWICE this year I have had late-night emergencies and went to the ER that night and was released several hours later, the following day. BOTH times, CIGNA bills me for TWO ER visits. Clearly the documentation provided by the hospital shows I was ADMITTED on day one and DISCHARGED on day two! NOT Admitted and the Re-Admitted with in 4 hours of my first admission and at the exact moment of my discharge. And people wonder why “foreigners” are taking their jobs? They are, as the other poster wrote, all a bunch of freakin’ idiots! Worse though is that while I am taking my valuable time to correct their error, the hsopital is sending this off to collections. Cigna’s reps on phone could NOT explain, nor did they attempt to explain, WHY this keeps happening. The fool I talked to JOKED that maybe I should schedule my emergencies earlier in the day! They are frauds, cheats and doer’s of much evil! Fie on them!