Excercise Update

I thought I had better do a little update on my 3 per week excercise sessions so you all didn’t think I quit. I am starting week 4 this week and still going strong. I just started to actually lose weight during week 3, finally! Only two pounds so far but I am noticing a slight change in my body in various places. I think I am starting to slowly lose the fat but replacing it with what people call muscle. You see my body has never seen this thing you call muscle before so we are entering into new ground here. Cindy, my trainer, says she often does not see weight loss until about week four so I am right on target.
I have also finally gotten to the stage where I actually enjoy excercise and feel better after the workouts. I have always heard people say this happens, but this has never happened to me before. In my previous lame attempts I was so tired and grumpy after workouts that I soon quit them all together. I definitely think having the trainer who actually knows what you are supposed to be doing is the world of difference for me. Definitely more out of the pocketbook, but well worth it in the end.
As an added plus I have been able to slowly add some veggies to my diet without cramping up Reagan’s stomach. I have only had the guts to try plain salads with maybe a few tomatoes but that seems to work. I dare not add anything more just yet. But I have cut out most sweets and don’t seem to crave as much food anymore. Which is probably contributing to the couple of pounds lost. Don’t worry, I am still eating lots in order to nurse Reagan but have been able to change what I eat just a little to hopefully make a difference. Now if I could just drop that one soda a day I would be set. You can’t take everything away from me at once. I think the one soda is deserved and can stay. It is caffeine free at least.