As long as I can remember I have always wanted to sponsor a child in Africa. I see and hear all the horrible stories of what the lives are like for many in Africa. It has always tugged at me, but what can I do to help? Well, we watched the movie Hotel Rwanda about a month ago. Its about the genocide that happened in Rwanda during the late nineties. Thousands were brutally murdered including children. But they were able to finally chase the rebels out who committed these crimes. Then about two weeks ago I heard that the same thing only in a much larger scale has been happening in the neighboring Congo. Again thousands are being killed but yet I had never heard of this before which I find odd. Is this not news worthy? I don’t pretend to know too much about politics but I find it insane that the US has not put a stop to this. One can only assume it has to do with the race of the people being killed. I hate to think that is the reason.
So anyway this has been on my mind a lot lately. Probably because I have kids of my own and I hate to think about the horrors those kids are going through. So I made it a priority to do my part for at least one kid. One of the reasons I have never done this before is because you never know what charities you can trust these days. How much of my donation actually goes to help these kids? After research I heard about the One Foundation. They are rallying Washington to increase funding to Africa, which they were successful in doing. At their website I found that they partner with the Save the Children Foundation. 90% of your money goes to the kids. Only 6% to fundraising and 4% to Management. Your donation is $28 a month, only $336 dollars a year. Not bad for what it does. I figure we can save this easily by eating out one less day a month. We eat out way too much anyway.
So last night I went online, picked out our kid and signed up to be his sponsor. Meet Moussa. He is an 8 year old boy in the Mali Region of Africa. We already have two girls so I figured this wouId be our little boy. Isn’t he absolutely adorable. Just look at those eyes and smile. I did my research. Mali is near the countries of Niger and Algeria. It is one of the poorest countries in the world where 125 infants out of every 1,000 die soon after birth. 2% of the population has AIDS. We will be getting letters from Moussa so it will be interesting to see how he lives.


Now next, I really want to sponsor a little girl from Bangledesh. The ones I saw online were absolutely adorable. If anyone is looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for me that would be it. I really don’t need anything else crowding up my house.