Gripey Baby

So I am slowly going insane here and need to vent a little. Once Reagan hit about five weeks old the almost constant crying began. She would make her body as stiff as a board, arch her back and was pretty much inconsolable. I was getting used to not sleeping much but the crying was starting to get to everyone in the family. Syd wasn’t getting enough attention, she cried whenever Brandon held her, and I was getting frustrated to say the least. I had taken about everything but pasta and fruit out of my diet…didn’t help. Mylicon drops did nothing. One day after 7 hours of straight crying I finally called the Pediatrician to make it stop. From her symptons he said she had colic. Very scary word for any parent to hear but at least I now know what is wrong with her. He suggested a homeopathic remedy that they have been using in China for hundreds of years called Gripe Water made by Baby’s Bliss. Its basically sodium bicarbonate, ginger and fennel. To our amazement this stuff really works. We would give it to her and within 5 minutes she was able to relax her body and sleep. We finally had a relatively happy baby. The last couple of weeks she has had no episodes so we thought we were at the end and able to stop using the Gripe Water.
Then this weekend it started up again big time. I have to hold her constantly or she cries uncontrollably. She cries even harder if we go outside in the sun so we are trapped indoors all day. We ran out of the Gripe Water and no store within an hour of us carries this magic potion. We finally ordered some online but it won’t get here for another day. I am now on day six of the crying and it is getting to me. You hate to say it but we can see how some people could lose it so much to shake the baby. We at least have each other and great neighbors who take her off our hands for a bit so that we can relax a little.
So yesterday I took her into the Pediatrician for another checkup. He could see no signs of a digestive disorder, no ear infections, nothing wrong at all. So we have to just hang in there until she outgrows it I guess. He did say she isn’t gaining weight as fast as most babies, but not to a level that we should be worried. She weighed in at 11 pounds at 4 months where Syd was just under 15 pounds at that age. He wants to see her in another month to check her weight gain. And if she isn’t doing better they may put her on a medication for acid reflux. Even though the crying is driving us insane we hate to put a newborn on medications just yet. The plan now is to keep a steady supply of Gripe Water at hand and get out of the house at least once a day alone. See what happens next month.