Getting Old

It sucks when you finally realize that just maybe you are getting older. Mine hit this last month. I was looking at the calendar at all the various doctor appointments I have had this year and it hit me. Only old people need this many doctors. I have the OB of course, General Practitioner for all the sicknesses that creep up from your kids, the Podiatrist for you don’t wanna know what, the Orthopedist for my bum knee, Dermatologist for removing all those growths showing up in old age, Optometrist for the failing eyesight, Periodontist for my receeding gumline, dentist, orthodontist to try and fix the teeth, and now a chiropractor for the constant backpain. I’m tired just from reading the list.
While on the topic of falling apart, my back starting aching while in Fort Wayne last month. The midback hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep and it felt like something was going to rip if I bent over at all. So I went and got a massage which usually helps. No luck. It didn’t help at all. And now I was also having a constant muscle spasm in my left shoulder blade. So I finally broke down and went into the chiropractor. Now this was a big thing for me. I have always been deathly afraid of chiropractors. The thought of someone cracking my neck totally freaked me out. With hubby by my side we both went in. They did a back scan which showed the problem areas. It showed that the nerves were unhappy in several areas, ok? So we met with the doctor. He said nerve problems result in pain, yep that’s me. He then pushed along my back where the scan showed problems and it was right on target with where I was hurting. So next he did the back adjustments. Not that bad if you totally relax your body first. But relaxing was hard after you heard how loud your spine cracks. Then he moved on to the neck. That one still really freaks me out, but I push through it. I had to go back twice a week for two weeks then down to once a week. The adjustments don’t hold too long if you haven’t done this that often. Now I am happy to say I am back pain free and down to a once a month visit just to keep things in order.
Now I love the chiropractor. He make my back happy.

House of Sickos

No fun around here this week. I have been sick for a week now, laryngitus and all. Now I am in that constant coughing stage where as soon as you try to lay down to sleep the coughing starts. And better yet now both girls have it as well. Brandon was out of town for a few days so he missed out on the infectious household. That was good. But not fun for me. At least now he’s back and taking care of his girls. At night he gets the dinner, sets up three vicks vaporizers, makes sure we take our meds, and lathers on the vicks. Thanks Daddy! Hope it pays off soon.