What’s Up

I see that I have been neglecting my blogging duties so here is the latest in the world that is mine.
First topic, my knee.
It has been driving me crazy for almost a year now so I finally decided to go have it looked at. First the doctor said it was just pregnancy related. Go home and wait for it to get better. Didn’t work still hurts. And now I not only have the pain but it slips on me constantly and can be insanely painful when going up stairs or trying to get up off the floor. So I went into knee doctor again for an MRI. That showed no tear like he expected but did show an old sprain. So his next solution is Physical Therapy. Never had any kind of PT so we’ll see what its like. I go twice a week for 6 weeks starting this afternoon. I personally would rather get the cortizone shot and hope that does it but I will give this therapy thing a try.
Skiing sucks!
Let me elaborate. We went to Steamboat last week with our friends. I watched the kids while the others went skiing. I couldn’t go anyway due to the knee. Later in the week Brandon and I took the kiddies on a gondola ride over the ski runs. As I watched the skiers below me all I could think was, thank God that’s not me. Doesn’t look fun at all. Now I do miss just getting out on the slopes. It can be very peaceful if you are not constantly fighting to keep your skis in control to prevent the ineveitable crash and burn down the hill. Now snowboarding on the other hand looks like it may be fun. Next time I will try the board and leave the skis for those coordinated enough to control both skis at once. My right ski has always had a mind of its own. Causing way too many embarassing crashes in the trees. I figure on the board I can strap that right leg in and keep it under control. Or maybe I’ll just hate that too. Probably more likely. But, I’m up for the challenge. Once the knee is better of course.
Kid #2
After being told she was failing to thrive we have been on the mission to get this kid to start eating more. Finally the food part has been going really well. She is eating like a pig. The bottle on the other hand is still a no go. She hates that thing. Now she has drastically cut back on her nursing and of course with no bottle I don’t know how this kid is getting enough fluids. Her tests did all come back normal so there is at least nothing to worry about there. I have never met a kid so stubborn when it comes to eating. She definitely does not take after anyone in this family.
Miss Tibbs, the cat most of you know the best, has been diagnosed with a thyroid tumor. She has lost almost three pounds which is a lot for a cat. So we put her on meds to try and get her hormone levels under control. Once that is accomplished we will discuss our options on removing the tumor. This weekend she had some complications with her meds so we had to take her off the meds. She went back in today for more bloodwork. They fear it be may liver or kidney problems from the medicine. I am hoping it was just a really stubborn hairball. Tibbs is by far my favorite animal in the world so of course this would happen to her. We’ll just see how it goes.
Brandon got setup on Sirius Radio this month and I have to admit it is pretty nice. Saturday we were listening to the Pulse, a 90’s station, and we were loving the music. It was bringing us back to the days before kids and all our other responsibitities starting weighing us down. Then it hit me. We are becoming our parents. You get into Brandons parents car and they are blasting 60’s tunes, very gay sounding if you ask me. Then you get into my parents cars and they have on Elvis or Patsy Kline. Brandon and I have long thought our parents were tards for not moving with the times. Music changes people. Am I gonna be stuck in the 90’s forever? I figure I am not completely lost yet. Many bands we liked in the 90’s are still around today. Green Day and Gwen both just won music awards. So we are still kinda current, right? And, I like a lot of the newer bands. At least I haven’t been lured by the tunes of the 80’s just yet. Well, maybe some GNR and the occassional Def Leppard. But, no Poison or Whitesnake yet anyway.
I have had the braces on the teeth for about six weeks now. The constant ripping apart of my mouth is not quite so bad anymore. I still have the occasional brace stuck in the cheek when I talk. But it doesn’t neccessarily have to lead to a major cut anymore. The part that really sucks is the eating. I have to cut up everything into bit size pieces, even sandwiches, since it hurts to bit into anything of substance. Then there is constant decoration of food in the braces after a meal. I’ll just say its not too appealing.
I had a complete spa day this past weekend. Brandon had both girls from 9:30 to 6:00. He was a bit grouchy when I got home but he did pretty good. Or I just didn’t care since I was so relaxed from my day. I had a haircut with highlighting, manicure and pedicure, seaweed jacuzzi bath, hydrating facial, hydrating body wrap, and ended the day with a hot stone massage. If you haven’t had a hot stone massage go get one now. I always have trouble clearing those voices from my head during massages. So its hard to get into that totally relaxed state so they can really work into your muscles. But, the hot stones have cured me of this “thinking too much thing.” First, you lay down on a heated massage table. Then they place the hot stones all over your body. Next they slowly move the stones over your mucles. You get so warm and the tracing of the rocks places you in a trance. Once you are in this state of mind they use the rocks and their hands to work deeper into the muscles. It was the first time I was able to completely clear those voices in my head and just relax. I was so relaxed that I actually caught myself drooling. It was awesome. Now I have to figure out how to convice the hubby that this massage needs to be added to my monthy routine. Any ideas?