• Carole

    Oh my gosh…I gave birth to that!

  • Tom

    wha, I don’t get it, he looks the same, whats different? 🙂 hehehehe

  • Becky

    Ok Kim, this was funny the first 80 times I looked at it. Now it makes me mad…UPDATE PLEASE! 🙂

  • Jamie

    Thank You Becky I agree, we need a new update. How about some pictures of the trip to Indiana. Just an idea…..

  • Tom

    yeah kimmy, we’re tired of looking at Brandon, you need to post something else to your blog 🙂 How about a photo of my eye patch? I look like a pirate now. arrrr!! hehe 🙂

  • Sarah


  • Stephanee

    Busy Mom!! Time for an update. The alien head man is starting to freak me out.

  • Sarah

    It’s been 6 months. That face looks ALL too familiar now!

  • hopefully that face changes by thanksgiving, or it might scare the little kids. We need to look at a different Turkey.
    oh! and you need to tell Brandon, to make that spam code larger or different color, preferably, dark background on light letters, cuz I can’t see it, Susan had to read it to me.