Sibling Jealousy

So it seems as though Reagan is already protesting her soon to be designation as the middle child. She is the BABY damn-it! And its going to stay that way so watch out little bro or sis. Brandon has been doing the morning school drop-offs for me so that I can stay in bed longer. I think he’s trying anything he can to keep me from biting off his head. Its the hormones I swear! Reagan has been crying for Momma the entire drive to school and making it really hard for him to leave her at class. So yesterday the teacher tells me that Reagan has been especially clingy and crying for Momma during class, almost reverting back to a baby. She says not to worry they often see this when Momma is expecting a new baby. Then dance class came and Reagan refused to stay for class. Threw a fit. Didn’t want me to leave. Disrupting the class so I had no choice but to take her home. There’s $20 down the drain. Then came another test today. Gymnastics class. Her favorite class of the week. Would she stay? We walked in, her mood was good, everything looked promising. She started into class then suddenly turned around and came running back to me. Shit! I was gearing up to start fighting with a three year old. There was no way I was going to win this but gotta put up a fight. Then just as she approaches she pulls down my shirt, grabs my boob, and says bye-bye boobie. She then takes off back into class laughing hysterically like a hyena. Need I mention that there were only about 5 Moms and maybe a Dad or two all right there for the show.
So I ask you this. Why am I doing this again??? I am convinced that its somehow Brandon’s fault. Yeah, let’s go with that.