Class Mom

Once a month, I volunteer for the day in each of the kids classrooms. Its fun to see what your kids are up to during the day. And the kids really enjoy having their Momma around for the day. Makes them feel special. So anyway, this past Thursday was my day to volunteer in Sydney’s Kindergarten class. Like every morning the kids start out in circle time. The teacher goes around to every child and gives them a chance to tell the classroom about something going on in their lives. The stories are typically centered around a new toy, or a Grandma visiting or a sick family member. So during circle time I am in the back of the classroom filing water bottles for the kids. I hear its Sydney’s turn to talk so I take special attention to listen to what she’s about to say. Then it starts…..
“One time, when I was done eating. I went upstairs to my parents bedroom to see my Mom and Dad. Daddy was lying on top of my Mommy. I ran in and said Dad, what are you doing to Mommy. He said he was trying to burn Mommy’s hands. I said why are you doing that? And Dad said it was because he was a freak.”
The teacher played it cool and simply said “Sometimes parents are silly aren’t they.”
Ok, by now I am absolutely mortified as you can imagine. I quickly turned around, my jaw dropped open and I began shaking my head in denial. I spent the rest of the day trying to decide if I should talk to the teacher. Tell her the story was completely made up. Or just drop it. I would hope she knows by now that kids make things up. I decided to just drop it. But, believe me when I say that Sydney got a good talk about choosing appropriate stories to share at school.
Oh, and just in case you were wondering. I’d like to say that this story has NEVER happened. Sydney has never walked in on us. Brandon never said he was going to burn my hands. And I don’t think we have ever used the word freak in our house.
Now I just have to come up with some really great teacher appreciation gifts for this year. I have to save face somehow.

  • Circle time this week will be about dead animal parts. Maybe Syd will add on to the story that you and Brandon killed the deer yourself.

  • As long as she doesn’t bring the dead parts to class, I am cool with it.

  • Nana

    After thinking about the validity of Sydney’s story I am now
    wondering why Reagan kept making handcuffs from pop beads and saying
    that Mom wears them????