Not So Happy Valentine’s Day

Well, the day started off good. Daddy and his girls cooked me up a great homemade waffle breakfast and showered me with gifts. Very unexpected but great to be so loved. But, that’s about where it ended. Sydney has been sick off and on over the past week with stomach aches, diarrhea, and headaches. Then yesterday the fever and vomiting were added to the mix. Poor kid sleeps off and on throughout the day and is just exhausted and miserable. She looked good this morning but the tables turned quickly after lunch.
Over the last week I started feeling extra miserable again. Thought I was getting over the nausea but it came back full force. So now I’m not sure if its pregnancy related or from Syd. Last night Brandon was up sick with diarrhea too. So I’m leaning towards the later. So for a household that very rarely gets sick. Which is rare with little kids. We are all sharing in the misery this weekend. But at least Reagan is healthy. Must be her steady diet of mac-n-cheese, bologna, and m&m’s.
So with only 5 days until the grandparents arrive and 6 days until Brandon and I leave for Costa Rica, the Fullers are fighting to get healthy. Don’t think Nana and Papa signed up for vomiting kids. And I am certainly not spending my first vacation alone with the hubby on the toilet. Ramping up the Vitamin C!