18 Weeks

Well, I’ve made it to 18 weeks now. The nausea finally went away during week 16 so I am feeling much better now. I am still overly tired most of the time and have constant stabbing pains in my boobs but my doctor said I should expect those both to go away within the next two weeks. So I should feel more human soon. Since my last post I have had two visits with the OB. First one, at 15 weeks. The heartbeat was in the 140’s which is much lower then my first two pregnancies. So if you believe the old wives tale that means a little boy is likely. But, at the 17 week checkup the heart rate was in the 150-160’s so there goes that theory. We have the big Ultrasound scheduled for April 8th so we will know the sex for sure then. My body is also starting to feel the tolls of a pregnancy. I think this week I will get in with the chiropractor and masseuse to work out some kinks. I can tell there is absolutely no stomach muscle left as I try to get up from a sitting position. So I can tell the blimp phase will be here shortly. Yippee!
Here is a picture of the bump at week 16. I think I have about two pictures of me pregnant during my last two pregnancies. So I am trying to get a few more this time around. This is the last time after all so I feel more of a need to document this time around.