About two months ago I was at a party with a bunch of women around the neighborhood. The topic of conversation seemed to be centering around the Twilight movie that had recently been out. I, knowing nothing about the apparent cult following surrounding this book was the only one there who was not completely obsessed with the series. I always thought Twilight was some teenage movie for the tween girls. As soon as they found out I had not read the books they were all surrounding me telling me how I was missing out. Apparently the lead character, Edward, was the subject of every woman’s fantasies. And they were really good fantasies. So they began telling me the base of the series. Edward is a vampire who falls in love with a human and the story goes on from there.
Ok first, I don’t really make time for reading too much since college. I find it hard to find a book that is able to keep my interest beyond the first few chapters. Second, there always seems to be something more interesting to do then sitting around reading. And third, the idea of a vampire love story didn’t sound too appealing. So I went home and told Brandon that all the women were fantasizing about this Edward and thought it was funny. This seemed to spike his interest more then me and within a few weeks he had bought me the first book.
While in Costa Rica we had a down day at the beach so I decided to start reading this Twilight book. Ok, I must have loved the book because it was finished by the next afternoon. By now, I too was in love with Edward but I was in Costa Rica. I had to wait to get home to buy the next book. Once home, I ordered the remaining three books and had them all read within the next two weeks. Brandon was whining because he was being ignored. But, hey he bought me the first book. He started it.
So, needless to say I really enjoyed this series. Though I find myself a bit sad that there will be no more to the story. I find myself wondering what will happen to Bella, Edward, Jacob or Renesmee. Will the Volturri come back? How will things happen between Renesmee and Jacob? Will the pact between the werewolves and vampires hold? Guess I’ll have to make things up for myself.
Last week we rented the movie. I thought it was a good portrayal of the book. But, the special effects could have been better. And it seemed as though they were so eager to fit everything in that the story seemed rushed. I think the man playing Edward was good, but he lacked something. His voice was too modern american and he seemed to be holding something back . Can’t quite put my finger on it. But, it was still good. Anyway, looking forward to the next movie. Maybe they will get a bigger budget this time around and the effects won’t be so cheezy.
Until then, I guess I’ll have to wait to see Edward in my dreams. Sorry B, you just can’t compete…… 🙂

  • Ashley

    I totally agree with your assessment of the movie! Edward was not at all what I pictured. I, personally, have a thing for Jacob, so I can’t wait to see what he looks like in later movies, when he “grows up.” Yes, Edward is romantic and all, but I have a thing for Native Americans. 🙂

  • I saw a mag cover that Jacob is bulking up for New Moon. Ooh, baby.